TrianaSoft Program is a SCAM!! Honest Review!

trianasoft app

TrianaSoft Software Scam Review

TrianaSoft, TrianaSoftware and the TrianaSoft Program  whichever way you want to put it is a scam.  This review on the Trianasoft app will look at this new binary options auto trader by Michael Wedmore.Trian Soft and assess its authenticity as signalling application. Check out detailed and informative review on Triana Soft app. Generally we would only endorse apps where we feel there is potential for growth.


In truth most autotraders may not substitute the effectiveness of trend analysis and manual trading.  However certain apps like the Binadroid app and the Copy Buffett Software are effective as autotraders as their win loss ratio tend to better than other scam offers we have reviewed. by Michael Wedmore and David Campbell is primarily a binary options auto trading software that is designed to conduct trades on your behalf all on autopilot.who created the website. Don’t be fooled by the two actors who are shown during the trianasoft method video, there is nothing legitimate about Triana Soft. It is simply another scam in our long list, that is growing by the day. Is this $10,000 software worth it? Keep reading to find out!


trianasoft app


The TrianaSoft App Full Review

When we first began reviewing Triana Soft we were greeted by th two supposed developers, Michael Wedmore and David Campbell, who we must say were incredibly convincing. The first examination of the video gives a very positive outlook. These two traders and developers tell us about something called the “butterfly effect” which guides the strategy behind their auto trading software.


In this detailed review we will establish facts, which will point to validation as to why we believe that the Triana Soft App is scam. If you do not wish to read much further and wish to proceed to safety then we recommend that you click on the link below.


Michael Wedmore and David Campbell, the alleged co-founders, for the Triana Soft are very credible actors. There is a strong element of trust built immediately when you come across this software. These developers tell us a story about the “butterfly effect” which is incidentally a very good term to anyone who goes from one relationship to another (and then it is called the butterly syndorome). This “butterfly effect” synergy is what the software, is based on. It is the strategy used behind the Triana Soft auto trading software.


The Butterfly Effect as explained in the TrianaSoft sales and marketing video, is an exponential effect in trading. The Triana Soft uses this approach and claims to be able to generate a 92% winning strategy. Believable? Yes quite believable, until we start looking into the different layers of deceit.  Let us be real there is no way, that the Butterfly Effect can ever be used as a stand alone, and it is impossible that it will deliver anywhere near the 92% success rate boasted by the TrianaSoft App.


He goes on by mentioning that the biggest factor to price change is the traders sentiment, aside from news, weather reports, etc. Following which, he quickly closes the subject by saying that by using TrianaSoft, we do not need to worry about all these little “butterfly flaps”.   Unlike technical analysis where patterns can be identified and known to be able to work in the trading world, but to ask an algorithm to analyze so diverse fundamental factors may be a little too unreal. As such, we are a not buying the idea that TrianaSoft is capable to actually perform it’s claimed abilities.


TrianaSoft App Scam Findings

  • David Campbell and Michael Wedmore as complete frauds. Search anywhere in social media or serious sites like LinkedIn and you will find nothing about these fictitious names attached to Binary Options Trading or The Triana Soft Scam.
  • A quick check about the site on the site Who.Is reveals that the site was established just a few days from writing this review on the 7th March 2016. Evidence of all the trading and testimonials are therefore all null and void.

TrianaSoft Testimonial

TrianaSoft Fake Testimonial Findings

  • Beware of scam or unregulated brokers!  When registering for the Triana Soft software, you are directed to a broker of THEIR CHOICE. You have no way of choosing your own broker.
  • In one instance the multi-millionaire from using the Triana Soft is boasting how easy it was to get to his financial status, and that he thinks that his software is worth paying $10k for. In another instance, he is begging subscribers to become beta testers for FREE by subscribing to his software to prove its validity.


On the top of the website you’ll see that they are claiming that traders in Egypt alone have profited over 67 million pounds in one month. We’re not sure how that is possible since the website has only been live for a few days, several of those days being the weekend when the market was closed. This is just a manipulative lie.


The next lie we uncovered is that Triana Soft will eventually sell for $10,000. Every software makes a similar claim. They do so to trick you into thinking you are getting a fabulous deal and that you’d better act fast. This is all a lie.


Conclusive and Verdict for the Triana Soft Auto Trader

If you are a new trader and hoping to make money on the Triana Soft, then we recommend that you save yourself your capital. Do not fall for this scam, which is brand new on the market and which will only deliver loss of your capital.


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