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Trading Everest Review – Cheap Scam Exposed!

Are you looking for unbiased Trading Everest review? Then read on. The Trading Everest App is a software which basically looks to talk about mountains and scaling up one’s revenues but make no mistake this application is a Scam.  Not only is the whole application cheap but make no mistake that this software only typifies dodgy systems that only amplify FALSE guarantees and nothing else.


This software has been around for quite some time now, but it is fair to reiterate why this Trading Everest App should be avoided.  The Trading Everest software allegedly, a binary option trading signals service, claims to provides near accurate prediction of winning and profitable trades like clockwork. The sales video cranks up promises of making huge profits starting from the moment one signs up and starts using the Trading Everest software. In this Trading Everest Review we will look to dissect this review in-depth and provide a very inert analysis on the FACTS surrounding this app; and why assimilate an overview on why overall this robotic over mountaineering proportions is best avoided for investment purposes.


Trading Everest App Review –




Trading Everest Scam Review

The Trading Everest Software – What is it?

The Trading Everest Software begins by an introduction of Jason Gaines who identifies and reveals himself to be one of the co-founders.  “Gaines” not to be confused with “Gains” is a clever trick that just identifies how this software plays mind-games with visitors.  The individual claims as part of his fortay and previous blueprint credentials he had the honor of working for the NYSE and was part of an elite and prestigious Hedge Fund where he was pulling over 6 figures a year.   Unfortunately, the toll of holding a regular 9-5 job was adding to his pressure levels that subsequently led him to one day packing it all in. Somewhere along the line he met Chris, a computer programmer.  With their combined experiences, they build a robotic server which supposedly trades at optimum levels on complete autopilot.  This platform, web based, led to the birth of the Trading Everest Software.


What do you stand to earn using the Trading Everest?

Jason tries to elaborate on his star product.   In his software’s capabilities potential claimed two things. 1) The software uses Algorithms and Indicators that he and his “elite Wall Street hedge fund” friends used to beat the financial markets. And secondly, he quotes,”could reverse the polarity of trading for novice investors.”  These statements may sound dazzling at first don’t be overwhelmed as they are not worth the imprint in real terms. The wordings used are full of subjectivity and hear-say.


In the presentation, Jason lends us a glimpse of the working of his software. The Trading Everest scam software allegedly in his opinion scans the major exchanges of the world to and only trades best possible winning signals. These winning trades are determined using a highly advanced screening system entitled ‘money multiplier.’  Using technology programmed and revolutionized around advanced concepts based on Statistics, Probability, and past trading patterns, the program uses certain indicators to trigger when a certain trade would near its “trade peak potential” or TPP. When the chosen trades reach their maximum “TPP,” they have another indicator to alert of the upcoming window of opportunity.


The software as indicated in BOLD LETTERS allegedly can make over 71%-85% gains every 60 seconds each time you trade. Jason claims that the software could easily transform $200 investments into $40,490 in a week “without lifting a finger”. He cites varied figures like $345 in 60 seconds, $540 in 5 minutes which the software can easily earn for you. The Trading Everest scam software can allegedly make anywhere between $23,900 to $45,000 on a weekly average basis. Jason goes on to say that his software has allowed Chris to generate over $278,000 in three months while he was able to pull in a profit over $450,000. Let us warn you straight that we did not find any software in our many years of reviewing auto-trading software which could legitimately make that kind of money.


The Trading Everest Software is a SCAM!

In our endeavors to perform a comprehensive Trading Everest review, while watching the presentation, we noticed so many irregularities and loads of talk of how this software can transform $200 into hundreds of thousands of dollars within a span of three months! The statements made on the software’s platform introductory page simply do not add any real evidence that we can use to verify anything that has been said or seen within the websites portal Claiming that investors can turn their trading account balance from $200 to $40,490 in one week is not only completely unrealistic but perhaps serves as the most apt description of a binary options system that it too good to be true!


The address for Trading Everest is listed on the bottom of their emails as:
125 East 50th Street
Midtown East
New York NY 10025


Looking at this critically, It seems that Jason Gaines is a permanent resident at the Benjamin Hotel in NY!. Ensuite Room we supposed for the mysterious millionaire.  Once we land on the homepage of Trading Everest website, a counter of 30 minutes greets us. It indirectly “threatens” to snatch away our chance of getting an additional 30 days trial of the software.  Such tricks have long been employed by scammers to drive the visitors to do silly things in a hurry. Claiming that users can generate an average of $40,000 per week while generating a 87% success rate without any documentation or transparent verification is absolutely absurd and we will not let it slide!



Trading Everest Scam


Trading Everest App Conclusion

The Trading Everest software would not take you to the top of mountains of money.  Every component of this ridiculous scam is fabricated and created with the sole intention of stealing your hard-earned money! Anyway, Don’t waste any more time on this one. However way you put it, Trading Everest software doesn’t work anywhere near the way it claims to and you’ll only succeed in gifting your money to the creators of this sham.


Review Verdict:  Trading Everest is a scam!

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Binary options as a trading instrument presents a lot of volatility that can be considered to be highly risky and lot’s of scam operations leverage on the great demand for quality systems and brokers. The good news is that not all services engage is such deceptive measures. Be sure to share your feedback below this warning if you decided to test Trading Everest App or any other binary options broker and/or signals provider. Your feedback is highly important and can help us deter potential victims from making the same mistake.


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