Tradex Confidential App!!


Tradex Confidential App!!  Trade X Confidential Vip Software App Busted!!

Tradex Confidential App is a Busted Software!! This application by “Paul Reed”,  Trade X Confidential Review we will to uncover the deep hidden agenda that the developers have tried so hard to withhold from potential investors like yourself with a view to having you deposit and activate an account with the Tradex Confidential software without having carried out any due diligence before.


TradexConfidential App is a very convincing high end production, which makes it that much more dangerous. It is more likely or not that you may have received an email marked private and confidential from the Tradex Confidential marketing team trying to entice you to join the Trade X Confidential movement. Let’s get straight to the facts We would encourage you to read this review in its entirety as we feel it may help in the making of informed decision about this so called tradex confidential app!


Tradex Confidential Review Summary

Limited Scarcity Widget:Yes
Fake Testimonials: Yes
Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
Comes Across As Authentic: No
Convincing Proof of Profits: No
Probability of Being a Scam: Yes


Tradex Confidential Scam Review! Trade-X Confidential non revealed shady details disclosed!

Visiting, we can immediately notice a few questionable things. First all the endorsement badges seem to be fake, because they are non-clickable and we can’t confirm that those reputed companies like: Heineken, IBM, TOYOTA, Adidas, DELL and many more have really endorsed the Tradex Confidential App.


The so called “Best service of 2016” tradex confidential is self awarded.  No 2016 award has been declared and these claims are false.  We can’t award such price before 2016 actually finishes. If you scroll down the Tradex Confidential page, you’ll notice two fake quotes from CNN and NBC. Neither of these news groups have ever said anything about the Tradex Confidential, so don’t be fooled.   Anyone can put together fake quotes these days, and they should never be trusted unless you can verify them. The website age is about the only thing we can verify and check and it appears that the Tradex Confidential App domain was purchased and created on March 1st, 2016 based on


Notice how in the 2nd video, Paul Reed attempts to get more money out of you, claiming that if you invest $2,000 instead of just the minimum, the “brokers” will help you diversify your investment better… What on earth is he referring too? Managed accounts. Isn’t the Trade X Confidential supposed to be an auto-mated software? and if so, a managed account with a representative of one of the shady Tradex Confidential App brokers shouldn’t be necessary.


For a limited time, Paul Reed is releasing his Trade X Confidential system for free and in return he wants to see your trading statement at the end of each month. The first 50 people to apply will get his personal predictions so they can invest in tomorrow’s big tech start ups before these become known.The Trade X Confidential software will work on a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, so it can be used any place where you can get onto the internet.


Tradex Confidential Software


The testimonials in the Tradex Confidential video are also not genuine. The woman who says she has made $73,000 has been filmed in a cafe, so you can’t see any sign of her new wealth. The friend who says he spent his profits on a dream house was filmed in a room that does not look like it belongs in a luxury home. Paul Reed and his guitarist friend were filmed in a music studio, but anyone can hire a studio for filming a video.


It is implied in the video that Trade X Confidential app is covered by a 30 day money back guarantee. This guarantee does not make any sense because the App is not free, so there are no costs to pay back, and the broker will not refund any losses made from auto trading.  Even the limitations to 50 people is just a fake statement .  No such restriction exists. Lets be clear about this Tradex confidential app, there are out to scam as many people as possible without any recourse to a traders well being.


Trade X has been found to be a scam across various authoritative sites like Binary Umpire and Binary Options Anonymous.  On the Trade X Confidential website it is claimed that over a million trades have made with the software so far and these have resulted in a 91.89% win rate. There is nothing to verify this claim and we can 100% confidently say that Trade X Confidential is a scam.


Paul Reed claims he well known trader or financial specialist?! Claiming that he is using Trade X Confidential APP for 2 years in order to generate millions as profits! Well, he should have at least some article posts expressing his achievements on Google! So we made small research on his personality, but with no luck. The only posts appearing on the search engine are connected only with


Verdict: Tradex confidential App. is a SCAM! 

Scam Auto-Trader Not Recommended for Binary Options!


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