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Trade Fusion Review; Scam Software Detailed Findings Unearthed!!

Trade Fusion is the latest software to be launched in the Binary Options Trading Markets.  This TradeFusion Software has been recently going viral and unfortunately from what we have unearthed through our research this trading application is not all that it would seem.  We would encourage any one to read our Trade Fusion review to clear any of the rumours and esprit de corps about this fusion delusional app.  The Trade Fusion System inclines that this software is a a combination of trading and fusioned algorithms that make it a dangerous cocktail that would see instant success for any would be traders who uses this app for the purposes of binary options trading.


Website Reviewed:


Trade Fusion Features Reviewed

The summary below depicts what the Trade Fusion has to offer.  The software as designed by Robert Ecklund promises to deliver high octane results that do seem a bit over the top even for the most skilled trader who is seasoned and diversified enough to find an opportunities under many different market conditions.  TradeFusion Producers claim that with a strike rate of 92.3% this trading software has the capacity and potential to achieve $30,ooo in as little as 90 days.  This does seem a bit much but because we are interested in understanding what it is exactly this system has to offer, we will look to look at all the elements that this trade fusion app brings to the table so as to have a better overview of the true investment potential of this auto trading system.


Trade Fusion Software


The system application suggest that they are prepared to entice beta testers with a free 90 day trial offer after which time they would be charging a subscription fee of $499 fee to any one who wishes to continue using this product after this initial period expires.  We would look to assess each of these characteristics that this software claims to offer before looking to review other elements that we have found whilst conducting our research on the trade fusion software.


  • Recording Breaking Accuracy of up to 90% Winning Trades

We are not sure if this trading software has the feasibility to achieve this high streak.  This high expectancy results are quite common with scams and unfortunately just a mere statistic is not evidence enough for us to endorse this trading application.

  • Real Time Updates Factors in Current Events

Most auto traders give real time information that enable fundamental and technical analysis to be used to make predictions on what movements a an asset commodity, stock item or currency pair will make in the near future.   However, whether this software is designed to follow this patterns correctly and give accurate signals is another question that will look to address as we progress this review.

  • 24/7 Live Support in 5 Different Languages

The fact that it offers Live Support is quite good and a positive step that would be an advantage for this trading application over other software’s that offer the facility in just one language.

  • Backed By the Biggest Names in the Industry

Unfortunately there is no evidence to substantiate this trading software is backed by any of the big players.  They’ve mentioned Morgan Stanley Goldman Sachs, Business Insider, Forbes, and Barclay’s Capital among other big names in the industry.  However, we have run a quick background research on these claims and it appears isn’t directly associated with any brand mentioned above.

  • Receive You First 90 days offer Free.

This statement is just too entice would be new and existing traders to sign up to this software.  After this period you may be required to pay a subscription fee to using the program.  Note the term free implies to the use of the software and does not entail the broker minimum fee that is associated with the software.  You will be required to deposit funds for this software to be fully functional.  A common miscommunication that trading softwares especially scam offers fail to mention when promoting a new or an existing product.


Trade Fusion Scam Points Revealed

Many Systems these days we have reviewed are unfortunately fakes. It is a rarity to find one product that delivers.  The promises made by the system unfortunately does not reflect reality and truth be told neither are some of the associations that the trading application claims to be associated with.  The co-founder of this “profitable system” is actually just are fake Stock-Photos actors that has no real trading credentials that can be verified by a simple social medium forum, Linked inn or Google Search.


Trade Fusion Scam Team


Timothy Marcus as seen above the Lead Project manager claims that the Trade Fusion app can make you up to $15,000 per week, with a 92.3% accuracy rate is simply not possible. It might be possible to have a day or maybe even a week with that type of ITM (In The Money) success rate, but maintaining that would not be feasible. Trade Fusion does seem to to exaggerate their claims frequently on what the system can do.  When researching some of the credentials of this team we were not surprised to find the Lead Member Timothy to be one of the many to have participated in casting roles in other offers that have no relevance to trading whatsoever.



Bill Mayhew, supposedly the “senior consultant” for the Trade Fusion scam is a model on the Fotolia stock photography site. I’m not even sure what a “senior consultant” would be doing for the Trade Fusion app, but that is another question for a different day.


trade fusion app

In addition the association with CNBC’s future seems to have been exaggerated.    Carol Landry and Eduardo Saverin are not associated with this fake software.  In addition to all of these red flags, this Trade Fusion review has found that practically all of the photos used of both the Trade Fusion scam “team members” as well as the apparent celebrity champions of the Trade Fusion software such as Anthony Grisanti and Carol Landry are all pictures you can obtain relatively easily on the internet.


trade fusion celebrity pics


The photo of Eduardo Saverin is real, but there is no way that he had anything to do with this since he’s hiding from the IRS in Singapore so that he doesn’t have to give them a big chunk of the $4 billion payout he got from Facebook.  The CNBC Futures Now segment is bogus, it does exist, but it is not hosted by the guy shown in the photo. The guy in the photo is just a model on some or other stock photography site. The actual host of the CNBC Futures Now is Jackie DeAngelis, and you can check out their site for yourself.

Trade Fusion Delusional Scam Tactics Review

  • Annoying Browser Pop-Ups: No
  • Fake Scarcity Counter: Yes
  • Paid Actor Testimonials: Yes
  • Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
  • Comes Across As Authentic: No
  • Convincing Proof of Profits: No
  • Possibility of Being a Scam: Yes


Trade Fusion Scam Conclusion and Summary

Here are some of the Tradefusion System scam features we have found whilst conducting this review:

  • High Expectancy of the results the tradefusion app promises
  • Fake CNBC Review on the tradefusion app being published on the systems Website
  • Fake Team being publicised on the Trade Fusion Website
  • Fake Bank Images as seen on tradefusion promotional video with no real beta testing being shown
  • At the End of the 90 day period you are required to pay $499 in addition to the normal initial broker deposit required with any trading software


Trading Horizon verdict: Trade Fusion App is a SCAM!!

More scam services: Drexel Code and The Money Glitch App


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Our team has tested and after using both the manual semi-automated option and the fully automated mode, we have determined that on average 80% ITM rate of the signals generated by this app are winning signals, which makes the BinaDroid very accurate. Combine this success rate with a highly responsive and helpful support team and with being given a choice among some of the best brokers in the industry and you have a truly remarkable robot that clearly is not a scam.


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