Tera App Software Review

Tera App Scam Review

Tera App Software Review; TeraBit TeraApp.co Scam System Exposed

The Tera App is the latest trading application to be launched in the Binary Options Trading market.  This software which supposedly fulfills your daily investments needs without having to lift a single finger is nothing but a scam.  Ther Tera System a product of the  TeraApp.co is marketed and placed as rare money making opportunity.  In reality the whole auto trading scam that should be avoided at all costs.The software which presents a colourful picture does not in reality leave to expecation.  In fact most of the promises made are Falsified and evidences presented tampered with.


The TeraBit automated software which claims to be in existence for over a year since January 2016, in effect only came to exsistence a mere few days from the time of writing this Tera App review.  This kind of white lies are not too uncommon especially when it comes to softwares with little or nothing to offer.  In the next sections of this review, we will look to present strong arguments on why this application is firstly a scam but also present a case why this program should be avoided at all costs.


The Tera App Software; Detailed Facts!!

The TeraApp System in essence is web based system, that is available around the globe.  This software which presents a bucket load of empty promises does so intentionally with a view to deceiving potential users with false guarantees and promises.  The Terabit Trader which claims to be founded by Richard Heffner who claims to have vasts amount of experiences is a complete lie.  In fact as you can imagine , when we first came across the founder and he introduced to him during the video presentation we were astounded.  You see Heffner is nothing but an actor who is well known in the circles of Binary Options for all the wrong reasons.  His association with the sector is mainly as key persona that markets and advertises scams on behalf of anonymous developers who have nothing but negative intentions in mind.


That being said let us look at some of the guarantees that are made.  Within the first couple of minutes of the pitch video, Richard Heffner claims that he has made over 27 millionaires within the past 3 months. The big catching point is the promise of profits , lots of it to precise in the tune of $20,0000 per day.  This trading software lets be frank, is neither going to bring any rewards to the investor nor is it going to honour any of the promises and guarnatees being made.


Better yet, he goes on to claim the TeraBit Trader as seen on the terabittrader.com works well , very well.  The methodology used is kep secret but can be linked to what is commonly referred to as “optimal data transmission technology.”   In fact he claims this technique and the precise nature of this auto trader can help any investor to achieve a 93% success rate. Furthermore, you are guaranteed to make up to $850 per hour with this scam and up to $440,000 per month! Sounds a little bit too good to be true right? Similar Viral Scams Trending The ones to avoid are Tesler App and CFD Society


Tera App Scam Review


Heffner in all these product launches misrepresents as an astute tradesman promising worlds riches to the newbie trader in a very short space of time.  When watching the video presentation one would have noticed a further plot with a supposed endorsement from the world renowned CNN.  This deception, of course, not authentic is one of several chains that bind the terabit trader app to make it look more authentic than it really is.


One assertion comes where Richard states  “let me be completely transparent and honest with you and tell you why I’m giving this system to you.” He goes next to claim that he is giving the system free to you guys because he only makes money when you do.   Unfortunately this melodies are FAKE.  The truth of the matter is that these scammers not only get a percentange for your first deposit but also sadly the unregulated brokers associated with the terabit app stand to profit at your expense.


Terra App Heffner


Let’s continue debunking this ridiculous auto-trading scam. If you took the time to visit TeraApp.co, you may have noticed the “online results” that are streaming and popping up every couple of seconds. You may have spotted the “Spots Left” widget too. Moreover, those allegations that the Terabit Protocol makes this system the very fist no loss trading robot is just another tactic masterminded by the anonymous developers to make this terabit trader software look more fanciful then it really is. All these trading gimmics are designed to completely monopolise this application as a state of the art but the reality of this program is far different and dangerous to the novice trader. Regulated and time teste Brokers like Stockpair which offers members with a user-friendly platform for binary options trading.  With time your investment and returns will grow but a moderate pace compared to the rapid state the Tera App suggests.


Review Verdict: Tera App is a Scam

Not recommended for Testing! 

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As you can see, Binary Options ProBot scam software is nothing different than all other scam auto traders out there. Don’t believe anything that people tell you. We highly encourage you always to do additional research and be safe from the clutches and claws of these snakes. Based on the evidence that we found, we have no alternative other than to conclude that Terabit Trading App is a scam. Please share your feedback below this review if you have any questions or feedback specifically related to terabit trading scam or any of the above services we previously exposed. Everything simulated on both identical platforms are so convoluted meant to confuse the viewer into signing up profusely without nurturing the real facts.


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