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WikiTrader Review; Is Wiki Trader a Scam or a Genuine Investment Opportunity?

This WikiTrader Review will look to provide an honest detailed recording of the new software the Wiki Trader App, which has recently been launched in the financial markets.   This software , predominately, a binary options trading tool is the latest system launched with a vision to bring a state of the art open source trading program to thousands of people in the comfort of their own home.


The Wiki Trader App unforuntaley based on our initial research is still on the the early developmental stages but the results of this Binary Trading Software are in faireness in our opinion optimisic in comparison to the countless of scams that have been exposed over the last few weeks.  In the next parts of this detailed overview we will look expose real facts for the purposes of this WikiTrader Review and firmly in our research look to answer crucial questions like If WikiTrader App is a Scam?  and If not , How accurate and profitable the software is for potential investors?


Is WikiTrader Software A Scam?

The Wiki Trader System in our opinion is not a Scam.  The Reasons for this is that even though the system is still within its beta stages, the software is still able to conjure up some healthy profits that would make it lucrative and appealing to Binary Options Enthusiasts.  It’s important to qualify right away that I was automatically very cynical when setting out to review the WikiTrader website for reasons that we shall explain as we proceed with this review.


Wiki Trader Review : Why WikiTrader is Scam Free Software ?

Wiki Trader Review


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The Wiki Trader presentation didn’t exactly inspire us with confidence with the hyped up promises and the even more emphatic testimonials.  This software the prodigy of Reed and Kelly Wallace suggest that their flagship program is a composite of Artificial Intelligence that is designed to adapt to conditions revolving around market sentiment and trend patterns.


The WikiTrader Review Program is based on energy like algorithmic neurons that look to basically exploit trading loopholes or Gaps within the market place.  It is suggested that the system will look to endeavor to source the best possible framework that fits into its programming language thus giving investors the best cherry-picked trades available in the market place.


Success Rate : More than 80% Win Rate with Wiki Trader Signals !!

Independent results suggest that 3rd party beta testers have recorded an 82% winning rate on its initial beta states, this is great and in comparison surpasses what one would potential look to generate from the zero loss promising scams that we have exposed to date.


Unfortunately, the Wiki Trader App much like others does tend to be a tad optimistic in their own video presentation, promising $8,600 per month profits.  This may sound a bit difficult to accomplish on the first few months based upon on our money management strategies, but over time may be achievable when the accounts become healthy and should the Wiki Trader App continue to perform as it currently does.


The Advantages Of Wiki Trader Automated App!

Kelly Wallace, one of the key individuals and drivers behind the Wiki Trader Software suggests that this software is a break through for many reasons.  In her presentation she suggest that the WikiTrader System is very user-friendly and designed so that both Women and Men can operate the program from the comfort of their own home.


WikiTrader Kelly Wallace


The system which is purely web based can work on both fully automated and manual mode.  There is no need download the software – it works perfectly well via a web browser.  While ideal for people with little experience of how binary trading works, it’s always wise to be wary of systems that are exclusively automatic. Often they’ll just burn through funds in no time at all. In this case the software seemed to work reassuringly conservatively, although it was really when set to manual trading that the WikiTrader App came into it’s own. The efficiency of the Wiki Trader system seems to be dependent on the time of the day. You can actually experiment on this aspect by setting on low-value trades ($25/ each).


Why Wiki Trader Software Has Best Manual Trading Signals ? Review !

On manual settings the software suggests but does not act upon potential trades. It needs to be instructed to enact the transaction, something which may sound like a chore but it really isn’t. In fact I’d generally always recommend that people use this configuration when binary trading. It places all the power in the users hand and allows investors to be responsible for their own performance. . CEO of WikiTrader, Kelly Wallace has created this revolutionary binary options robot by using her Market Analysis skills. She created this system especially for new traders who are still looking for a genuine way to make money.


Is WikiTrader A Scam? Conclusion

There is no reason of WikiTrader software being a scam if used correctly.  Every claim and promise made by Kelly Wallace can reflect truth using proper risk management and waiting for the right signals. She has not made any exaggerated claim like most of the scam auto traders claim. Most of the initial beta testers of WikiTrader are reporting weekly profits of $1000-$5000 which is excellent. We personally believe that it is going to be a revolutionary software of this year.


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