Liberty BTC System Review

Liberty BTC System

RIDICULOUS SCAM: Liberty System review

In this review of the Liberty BTC System we will look to provide proofs that this program is a scam that you have to avoid. The software presented by Kyle Stanford insinuates that anyone who utilises this software for their trading purposes will literally yield life changing returns and never look back.


The Liberty System predominately is a trading software that is trading the Bitcoin for profits. The software claims it has the potential to generate thousands of dollars per day and is programmed to work on complete autopilot making it ideal for novice users. And Liberty BTC System is free, so you can allegedly become rich for free and for doing nothing. Really?


Already we start to notice a few cracks.  The Liberty BTC System is a straight-out scam.  It pretty much uses the same sings from the same tune as countless of other scams we have exposed to date.  That is not all and in the next section we will look to “dive right in” and unearth all those anomalies that revere this application to be one not to be trusted.


Liberty BTC System scam

Cryptocurrencies, in particular Bitcoin has been on the news recently recording new highs as traditional currency powerhouses weaken.  This has led an influx into the level of products being launched and marketed as a game changer.  Let’s put it straight, Liberty System is a scam that abuses cryptocurrencies and binary options to make you lose money and to earn money to scammers. We will start looking at all the anomalies that have creeped up whilst we were gathering facts for the purposes of this Liberty System Review.


Liberty BTC System



Kyle Stanford

The alleged creator of the Crypto System – Liberty BTC System – Kyle Stanford is a fictitious person, he does not exist. This person who features in the software’s web promotion is in fact a stock photo that has been used in a lot of previous gimmicks. The actual proprietors behind the software are anonymous and do not really wish their names to be featured with the scam that they gloat fully puppettize as a brain child product that has the potential to generous prop estrous returns.


Fake reviews & Testimonials

Hover onto the testimonials and reviews section and you will find a vast array of positive reviews all pointing to the viability of the trading program. Dig a little deeper on the legitimacy of the credentials of these so-called beta-testers and you will not that they are all fake. Most of these stories are all made up and feature a stock photo linked to the text. These pictures of supposed account holders are in fact the very same used in countless other campaigns probably not even related to trading.


Fake results

The Liberty BTC System presentation also shows some alleged trading results. As you can see, they are fake, because it is not trading the Bitcoin! All sorts of underlying assets are appearing, but no BTC. These trading results are fictitious, the robot is not profitable. Furthermore, a little of research indicates that this software has indeed been developed by scammers only. Our research shows that the software images used to portray the software design and technicalities are exactly the very same as those that we exposed when we blacklisted apps like the The Infinity App, Wealthy Trader and $1500 per Day.


Liberty BTC System Conclusion

Liberty BTC System (Crypto System) is a total scam abusing everything on its way. If you use it, you will lose money, so stay away from it! You should know that in order to really make money in trading, you will have to build yourself a profitable strategy.


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