Quantum Code Scam Review

Quantum Code Software Review

The Quantum Code Review. Quantum Code Mechanics Guarantees incorrectly decoded; Disturbing Scam Details Revealed!!

In a world where economics and social mediums rule world comes the Quantum Code, a mathematically term based software that transcends its origins from the deceitful motives of a one Michael Crawford who claims to be the CEO behind the Quantum Code App movement.  A Binary Options Trading Software which works on autopilot, this trading application is one that is not to be trusted for any of the promises that are made on the presentation video and further replicated across various biased forums and social media networks.


Make no mistakes the Quantum Code is not making any Quantum Leaps that one can appreciate.  This application which abuses the Wall Street name is a trading application that is branded without any factual evidence but more so an escalator where each step is made of sharp glass that is tweaked to deceive the viewer of the real potential of the software’s net worth.


Unfortunately, Crawford’s guarantees and assurances to new and potential registrations are not to be taken seriously as the application has far too many anomalies that we observed and recorded whilst conducting our research on this Quantum Code System.  The application is founded upon false premises, inaccurate mathematical logic and is led by an individual who for all we know may well not even exist.


Website Reviewed – http://thequantumcode.net/


We pride ourselves in providing detailed reviews with as much accuracy as possible and un-earthing scams to make it a safer environment for new and existing traders.  We would encourage you to read the facts we have listed out in this Quantum Code Review as we feel the points that are highlighted are important especially if you are seriously considering this app based upon the premise of the promises made during the video presentation.


Quantum Code App Guarantee


The Quantum Code Review

We Start our Quantum Code Scam Analogy with the Sales video where we are acquainted with a man who stereotypes himself as the ‘nicest’ and ‘richest’ guy in the world who spends half his year travelling the globe.  Michael Crawford who who claims to have featured in Forbes and other financial magazines claims to be a big time philanthropist unlike the stereotypical rich person who is more self-centered in his or her behavior.


The Quantum Code App which predominately is a binary options trading software alleges to boast being built using the most highly sophisticated  algorithm programming language known to  the world.  The use of NQS technology, which stands for “Near Quantum Speed in built in its processing system making is what Crawford and Chief programmer Sergei Ivanov gloat about as their break through masterstroke that makes this application a state of the art development and a one of its kind.


The Quantum Code application as seen on the thequantumcode.net which has apparently not defaulted in its winning ways boasts according to their top analyst since 2006 boasting a 100% success rate.  The claims that this quantum code software will generate $1,892,460 every month is clear Over the Top (OTT) and highly unrealistic.

Quantum Code Software Review

One key team members behind the Quantum Code system alleges that they were rescued from being full time employee at Wall Street. This shady character claims that the Quantum Code software works by scanning and analyzing the market to find trades that are being placed by other traders. By doing so, they are able to beat their respective entry prices. This gives us an idea of what this crappy software is all about. It is a copy-trade platform that duplicates results from other traders. The problem with this type of thing is that it will end up copying all traders regardless of their success rate. This is why you can’t win with Quantum Code App.


In the next portion we will look to providing more factual evidence of why the Quantum Code App should not be trusted and would best be avoided altogether thus avoiding the potential for suffering a loss of risk of loss due to nicest guy’s shady tactics. If you would like to try an alternative product that has seen lots of support across various networks and retails traders alike than we can encourage you to watch the free video of our nominated product otherwise please feel free to carry on reading the rest of our review.


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Quantum Code System Scam Points

  • Fake Scarcity Counter: Yes
  • Pop Up Widgets: Yes
  • Paid Actor Testimonials: Yes
  • Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
  • Comes Across As Authentic: No
  • Convincing Proof of Profits: No


Michael Crawford Quantum Code Limited Spots


Quantum Code Scam Review; Exposed Facts

  • Michael Crawford is not an individual who is filthy rich or a well known trader that has been featured in top magazines and other well known acclaimed rich magazines.  The key presenter who is meant to represent the cornerstone and bedrock behind the company’s marketing endeavors, growth strategies and promoting the product is nothing more than an actor playing a role of a Samaritan.  The alleged CEO has also participated as the lead in other well known trading apps that we have exposed in the past.  His participation in the Terran Capitals Software is a feature that pops to mind when assessing his past credentials.
  • The VIP Spots or limitation scarcity widget that is nicely presented in bold letters at the bottom of this quantumcode.net video is clearly a sales pressurised strategy on the developers part to try and entice new potential registrations from taking place quickly without being given a cooling off period to watch the video and digest the facts peacefully. In addition to this point and quite annoying to viewers we noticed that as we hovered our mouse we are greeted with an annoying popup as you move you cursor.
  • Mr. Michael Crawford saying how he is a really nice millionaire who owns his own private jet. In fact, we have checked out this claims and found this plane is part of a rental company and not an outright bought purchase. This has been verified through Sunquest Executive Air Charter in Salem Oregon.
  • The whole notion the Quantum Code App  being “100% guaranteed way to make profits every day forever” is just preposterous and unrealistic.  Even the most seasoned traders will gladly suggest that reaching an 80% markup which is what it takes to be profitable in this industry requires patience, self-development and learning .  This process cannot be hastened to reach an individuals goals in a short time frame as that will ultimately lead to misjudgment, emotional build ups and a potential loss of investment due to negligence .
  • The notion of this software being the brain child of the Quantum Headquarters is just another ploy to make the whole thing look authentic.  Quantum Headquarters is non-existent and the theory behind Near Quantum Speed is an analogy that can be found on the latest Star Wars Films.
  • The Testimonials that are showed on the Quantum Code App and exposed in a similar review on binaryumpire.com are fake and not legit.  The images that are shown are stock images and are not real beta testers that we can use to support for the purposes of this review.
  • The classic SCAM tactic is using photo-shopped bank accounts to show exaggerated earnings. Not one shred of evidence has been proven to show that the results shown are the results of the software.  In addition the statement in the video that this system was fully functional and operational since 2006 is not true as the website which operates through TheQuantumCode.net  was only registered on the 12th June 2016 and is set to expire at the same point next year.


Verdict : Quantum Code Scam; Not Recommended for Testing

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The Quantum Code software, app, and Auto-trader as well as Michael Crawford the fake actor have been exposed and categorically BLACKLISTED as a SCAM in our unbiased review. We tried, but could not find one single shred of anything which is legit, honest, sincere, or genuine.


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