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Opus Formula Software Review; Fresh Scam Exposed & Busted!! System Facts!!

Opus Formula Software Review.  Fresh Scam Exposed and Busted? Definitely, the Opus Formula System facts that has been launched in the Binary Options Trading industry is just plain nasty and looks to trap new traders into a plot designed in a manner not even Bernie Ecclestone would endorse.  This is no F1 Opus style app that will make you millions but a shady application that has nothing genuine about it.  


We would encourage anyone who might be interested in the auto trading application or been approached by a marketeer to try out this program to read our Opus Formula Review in detail as the points we raise, are factual based and feel that they are not only valid but important for any potential to go over before making any firm and conclusive decisions about this application, entitled, the Opus Formula Trading App.Opus Formula tries to market itself as a free application that can make you vast sums of money all on autopilot.   We are here to debunk this fraudulent application which is offered at opusformula.co. It’s just a scam and nothing else. We will show you the proof  gathered from our research.


Why is the Opus Profits Software SCAM?

  • Fake scarcity counter: No
  • Browser pop ups: yes
  • Fake testimonials: yes
  • Impossible profits: yes
  • Looks authentic: no
  • Believable evidence of profits: no
  • Scam possibility: 100 percent
  • Profit Guarantee identified: yes


Opus Formula Scam; Detailed Evidences

In terms of profits this app and a certain Lex Simmons Junior who gives a wonderful presentation about the life changing opportunity that lies behind the door when one were to register and activate this software.  Expectations portrayed and guaranteed are in the tune of $10,000 dollars everyday.   A further statement is followed by warning that once the promotion video is played 100 times, the website will be pulled down for good.


Lex Simons junior Opus Formula Software


Mr. Simmon, Opus Formula Software alleged CEO, claims to roll big, who was once referred to as the Golden Eagle in his previous place of work claims to yielded his company over generated 14 million dollars with this software in the last year.  The only downside to this is that when we observe the registration details of the web page that hosts this platform we notice the date of creation 20th June 2016, which is just about two months ago far less than Lex makes us believe.


Opus Formula Software Review


Lex Simmons Junior is NOT the owner of the Opus Formula program and actually, he has nothing to do with the binary options industry or been associated with a company in this niche as he tries to make us believe!   Furthermore, we have tried to follow and track his presented identity in some different social media networks like Facebook, Google+ and even LinkedIn in order to find some details about him or his company, but as expected, we couldn’t reach anything related to him or to a company he owns.  The sad truth is that this is not even the first time we are hearing the script that you just heard, we have heard it plenty of times, and they all claim that it is unlike anything you have seen before.  Secondly, every trader should know that losses are part of trading to earn profits. Subscribing to a fake trading robot like Opus Formula program scam based on the idea that it doesn’t lose will only screw you up, including your dear account balance.


Opus Formula Review Testimonials


If you watched every second of this video you would have noticed some testimonials supporting and endorsing this binary options trading software.   These beta testers unfortunately are  not at all genuine beta testers but fake actors who are regurgitating a pre-written script that authenticates this application as genuine when in reality there is viable or real proof that can be verified to support these claims.  Lastly do  not be enticed by the badges which are fake or the $1,000 give away as shown when you via a pop up on the Opus Formula Software app, this is  no free gift but a welcome bonus that is standard upon brokers heavily stapled with volume based redemption criteria’s before any cash generated can be unlocked. On the stand point of whether we feel that this trading application as shown on opusformula.co app trading arena is inadequate for testings purpose due to the high level of anomalies we have identified whilst conducting this review.  Whilst we are not going to recommend this for testing we would like to welcome anyone who has tried this software to feel free and leave a comment below about their experience.


Verdict : Opus Formula Scam; Not Recommended for Testing

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If you are interested to trade binary options with a reputable provider you must verify that the signal providers are synced with Regulated and Licensed brokers and supported by real results, based on user feedback and software demonstrations. Not every trading system is fraudulent such as Opus Formula System and the many offers we exposed prior to this. For alternatives, visit Trading Horizon’s Tested Signals for binary options like CopyBuffett App or Neo2 Software. We test many services and do endorse some manual and automated systems with proven track records and consistent accuracy rates.


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