Omnia App Review

omnia app review

Omnia App Review – Software Extravaganza Real Facts Exposed!

The Omnia App, flurried with extravagant promises is nothing but a big SCAM.  This software which promises and guarantees rich rewards does so with haste and without any factual input.  In this Omnia App Review, we will look at this supposed investing opportunity impartially from the viewpoint of how beneficial this system to traders around the globe in terms of possible if any returns that users can generate with this application.


What is the Omnia App Software?

The Omnia App Review, that we are about to decipher will extensively look on the observations we noted whilst conducting our research into the Omnia Software.  This program, purely web based in nature is supposedly designed to cater for your binary options trading needs.  That much is for certain.  How the pivotal question is whether the bot is profitable or not?  The simplest answer is probably not as what we are about to find out is that the signs point to this Omnia Trading App being more closely parallel to scams we have exposed in the past than anything lucrative that we can potentially support or endorse as a financial spectrum with profitable results.


omnia app review


In recent times we have seen a barrage of complaints pertaining to this software which already brings the claims to the contrary by Matthew Hammersmith into Disrepute.  People have lost their entire capital with this currencies signaling service.  This is in stark contrast to what some Omnia App Reviews have supposedly stated about the service. The Omnia App which features in the by Mathew Hammer smith promises to make you rich quickly. They claim this software is 100% ‘risk-free’ where traders can potentially bank $5,700 – $10,000 per day. As you’ll realize in a moment, the Omnia App cannot be a legit binary or Forex trading app. This signals software offer consists of an unrealistic story narrated by fake characters stating unrealistic guarantees and promises as the potential outcome for all those who cross to the members section.


Omnia App Review – Is it a Scam?

Yes, as there is nothing that proves to us to the contrary.  The Omnia App Scam has so many deceitful practices we feel obligated that viewers remain cautioned about this superficial app that has been conjured up with nothing but bad motives in mind.  Behind this trading application, we are informed that the stem of creator of this app, is Matthew Hammersmith, CEO of Omnia Investments Co. Omnia Investment worth $380 million in net asset is nothing more than a creation of fraudsters who probably are repeat offenders when it comes to launching binary options. And to confirm this, we headed to a company directory on Google and discovered that this company did not exist.


Don’t be naive. You can make a lot of money, tons of cash. However, the outcome of such rewards take time and needs to learnt rather than bought. To do this we would recommend traders practice with a proper broker for a while before engaging in automated trading platforms.  Brokers like Stockpair which offers members with a user-friendly platform for binary options trading.  With time your investment and returns will grow but a moderate pace compared to the rapid state the Omnia App suggests.


Similar Viral Scams Trending
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Omnia Reviews and testimonials indicate that members are disgruntled after being fed with false promises which never materialized anyway. Mathew Hammer-smith claims in his videos, that users can become self-made millionaires within the space of 181 days. Seriously?! Contrary to reality as insinuated in the CEO’s visionary picture highlighted during the video presentation, the reality is far different. Matthew Hammersmith based on our research is not a real life person that has trading credentials.  Far from it , the individual who plays this part is nothing but a well-known actor seen throughout the industry promoting countless of similar binary options scams such as the GPS Trader, and similar versions of the same scam. Seeing him encouraging the use of Omnia App Scam is NOT a comforting site.


Omnia App Scam


The findings were that the website,, was only registered in February of 2017. Clearly, these crooks and fraudsters are lying and trying to deceive us that their app is profitable with a proven track record just to trick us into investing. This guy is a complete phony and probably doesn’t even understand the what Binary Options or trading is.  He is a puppet who has been recruited to read crap on behalf of the Omnia scam. Since there is so much crucial information missing in the promotional video, it is very difficult to trust this software.  Plenty of claims are made by the creators, but they cannot be verified.


Omnia Scam Software & Fake Endorsements

Yet another thing that is clearly a lie about Omnia trading software is are the fictional claims that this supposed program which guarantees a net income of $1500 per day minimum has been featured on a variety of various financial news outlets across the world, ones such as World Finance, Forbes, CNN Business, Bloomberg, and Squawk. Guess what, none of those publications have ever mentioned Hammersmith or Omnia trading software This is just another lie which shows how fraudulent this horrible trading platform called Omnia software really is.


Omnia Scam Review Conclusion

The simple fact of the matter is that Omnia software is a scam. Stay away from Omnia trading software at all costs and anything that Matt stamps his signature in. The video shown on both platforms and traditionally follows a similar footpath to countless other auto traders that promise a bundle of rewards in spasm bursts synced with market movements. Everything simulated on both identical platforms are so convoluted meant to confuse the viewer into signing up profusely without nurturing the real facts.


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