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Infinity App Review; Perpetual Scam Exposed!!

This review will look to detail out the truth behind the The Infinity App, a perpetual scam that has been gloatfull presented by Mark Stevenson.   The story as it goes suggests much like other systems with infinite definition that the application guarantees mass amount riches with little or no effor from the retail users part. Regular subsribers would know by now that these guarantees are dumb founded and in this review we will look to prove that nothing is different when it comes to this new Binary Options Trading Software.


Looking at the background, Stevenson claims to be a former NASA engineer. He says that he created a binary options trading software called The Infinity App. He further claims that he is looking for 35 beta testers for his platform, and as a token of appreciateion for joining The Infinity App for free you will yield life changing riches beyond your wildest dreams.  All this for free. Really?


The Infinity App scam

Lets get one thing straight there is nothing during the software’s presentation that makes us believe there is any truth in the software’s so called capabilities.  Stevenson is a scam artist and The Infinity App is a scam. In fact we can retrospectively say that this product will not make you any money and you are bound to lose your invested fund in a flash whilst the software trades away your funds.


Mark Stevenson

Mark Stevenson is a fictitious character.  He is in fact an actor.  We do not believe he too a former NASA engineer.  We also do not believe he has any accredited work when it comes to binary options.  What we do can say is that we do know of his former work which believe you me that has nothing to do with genuine pieces of trading that we previous endorsed. The actor who plays Stevenson’s role is a well-known scammer who played also in the Trianasoft and Amissio Formula scams. Back then he used the name David Campbell.The presence of this guy alone guarantees that The Infinity App is a scam.


Official website is:

Infinite App Scam Review


Fake results

Infinity App is a system so powerful, that some of the fortune 500 companies offers Mark in 2015 year to buy his technology for $20,000,000 dollars. Quick search in database, shows that domain, which supports Infinity App is register on 14th March 2017. He is allegedly a 31 years old multimillionaire and there is no actual evidence for him to exist. Further more there is no proof that the company behind the Infinity App Enterprises actuall exists.


Hovering down the Infinity App video Stevenson shows some alleged trading results of his system. But they are all fake.  The dates of trades are from 2017, but expiries show 2016. So the statement has been clearly edited.


Fake testimonials

All the people you can see in the Infinity App video are paid actors, all the testimonials are fake. Our investigation of Infinity App we stumble upon second website which presents same software. The CEO and creator is Michael Crawford! Moreover, member’s area on both websites are same! This is huge evidence that Infinity App is a SCAM!

Infinite App HQ


When we fill up the form and register on website with our name and email, redirect us to second video on member’s area. There has another form to fill with password for the Infinity App and phone number. his opens a new trading account with unknown broker. We are getting a lot of feedback about the software used by The Infinity App and it is negative, because this program is losing money!


Scam software

And last but not least, the software offered by Stevenson is a well-known app made by scammers. Look at the picture to see examples of other scams using this same app, like FX Sniper Review; Guaranteed Money System Review. Mark claims that Infinity App making money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 100% on autopilot. We can see Fake testimonial with Robert William! Mark goes to his favorite restaurant and pick up Robert from the street. During this episode it is claimed that Mark will help this new person earn$1,500 dollars in 30 minutes or give him his car the McLaren 570GT.  Of course none of this two way process is legit as we know by now that the person we are dealing with is a paid actor.



The Infinity App is a scam made to lose your money. Stay away from it! This is enough evidences to conclude that Infinity App is a Scam! Nothing inside is looking good! Every thing point to this portal indicating That Infinity App is a Scam. You cannot be sure where you sending your money! And because this web page is not secure you don’t have any guarantee if your transfer will be safe and to a regulated broker.This is dangerous SCAM! Avoid it at any cost! An extenstive research into this company would reveal that no such organisation exists.


We tried, but could not find one single shred of anything which is legit, honest, sincere, or genuine.  Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog, it can prevent you from signing with similar binary bot other scams! For decent alternatives we invite you to check out our trusted binary options signals.


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