Hydra App Abraham Epstein Scam Review


Hydra App ; Abraham Epstein Scam Review

In this review we will look to provide detailed facts surrounding the Hydra App Scam.  This product predominately a binary options trading software as presented by Abraham Epstein has nothing going for it that makes us excited. You must read this important Hydro Review exposing the Scam Forex software !!.


According to Eptsein this software, designed to trade Binary Options allegedly can make you over $5,000 per day.  The software which has really become viral as of late has been subject of some sharp critcism.  In this review, we will look to detail out the specifics point by point and ascertain what benefits if any this software has as a trading opportunity.


Official website is: hydraapp.biz

The Hydra App Review: Detail Facts!!

The Hydra App Platform has receive large amount of negativity from members of the public who feel that it is a scam and with good reason.  You see this software predominately a binary options trading tool has large amount of deceptive elements that stem from the very top.


Abraham Epstein who claims to have had a senior post with Facebook as a data analyst.  His main duty whilst with the company was analysing real time massive streams of data.  His findings would then be the pre-requisit for developing smart algorithms that would be used to spot and predict trends that were about to go massively viral.  This unfortunately according to our detailed research is not an accurate assesment of the alleged CEO’s credentials.


Infact our Hydra App Review has shown Epstein to be nothing more than a paid actor which begs the question, is anything said during the promo hold true about this software.


In fact, expert opinion on this matter says that this software much like Omnia software and the FX Sniper are scams. We are not so sure how many people have been scammed yet. But reports can indicate that a couple of subscribers have lost money already, and more traders are poised to lose with this fraudulent Hydra App System. Moreover, there is no guaranteed profits in Binary Options industry! And yet Hydra App says in this video that we have guarantee to get $5000 dollars every single day for the rest of our lives! This is another proof for Scam!


Hydra App scam

The reality is that Hydra App is a scam that is made to lose your money in trading. Abraham Epstein is a scam artist, or rather a fictitious character played by a paid actor. You see, this explanation is nothing but a bunch of creative words that are used craftily to manipulate your thinking so you may believe that reaching those figures is a reality with this app.   The application, which is web-based, claims to be two fold. The first component is a complete set of highly advanced algorithms that have live access to the world’s market data-feeds.From the main server, it will collate mass mount of data and begin spotting for trends.  The second is the placing of a trade.


These internet fraudsters just want you to believe in addition to the above that the software is a self-learning mechanis and has the ability to counteract loosing trades. That is the reason why their pitch starts with something like ‘’Hyrda App software is 100% free, and is designed to make it mathematically-impossible to lose’’. Note that when it comes to Binary Options Trading the best you are likely to get is a 75% win rate which means that by counter trading like this software suggests you are likely to loose 25% cumulatively rather than break even as Epstein would like you to believe.


Fake testimonials

On the Hydra App website you can see some testimonials with people that are allegedly making money with this system. But they are all fake. A Skype call with testimonial from Connor Davies as proof for profitable Hydra App and claim that makes him $15,340 dollars in just three days. No real demonstration were shown to show this applicaiton in progress. Further Generic photos from the Internet have been used and the stories and numbers are complete fiction.



Now, from the reviews and information’s, you can imagine just how many lies these people have told you about their developments. Nothing can be trusted of them by the way. Don’t let these crooks hypnotize you with false profit charts. Take note of the false dates on those charts which imply that Hydra system has been in existence for more than a year. And then cross-check that information on Who.is to find out if those dates agree. Sadly, they don’t.



Hydra App is a total scam that can only lose your money, so don’t use it! Furthermore, no third party verification documents or verified investment results are ever show-cased to us to back up his outlandish claims.


Review Verdict: The Hydra App is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website: HydraApp.biz


Don’t get pulled in by the Hydra App System. We invested time and research to try to find any benefits that are associated with the program and our detailed and authentic Hydra App review has proven that it is a pure scam. Strongly based on the factual evidence surrounding the Hydra App we recommend that you avoid this not so pure profit generating app and if you have any questions or feedback relating to this new offer, be sure to share it with us under this post. We always encourage users to try and test different methods in a practice environment and engage in those that delivers optimum results.


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