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Hoffman Stein Capital

Hoffman Stein App Scam Review AKA the Nexus App

Hoffman Stein App Review.  Hoffman Stein App is another paradox that is a living in world of fiction and imagination.  They try to sell a story of a global investment company the Hoffman Stein Capital which Dr. Anthony Henderson founded.  This firm is meant to be a leading investment organisation and one of the fastest growing empires in its niche. Hoffman claims that his Nexus App is the brainstorm of years of research and guarantees that the software is a killer app with a 100% success rate.  It is these type of endorsements that the Hoffman Stein Software aka the Nexus App insinuates that incline us to fully understand the true nature of this system and the true objectives of its operational and and management team.


The Nexus App Hoffman as hosted via the hoffmanstein.com platform stipulates that this application is based upon a complex algorithm that used sophisticated patterns to trade binary options currency pairs.  He inclines that this software is geared and flexible enough to deal with any fundamental events that may have bearing on the trading patterns of a particular foreign currency or asset pair.  Hoffman uses all the tools to really hammer his brain child.  One of the main weapons he uses to drive his sales pitch is the use of geo targeting tactics.  The website which acts as the main portal of the Hoffman Stein App is IP oriented making look like it is exclusive when it in fact is a clever ploy by the selling team to reach a larger audience by targeting individual market segments one at at a time.  Make no mistake we are dealing with a global epidemic here a scam which has been equipped by lots of fire power to make the whole project look authentic and limited at the same time.


Hoffman Stein Capital


Hoffman Stein Nexus App Review; Is Hoffman Stein Capital a Scam?

The Hoffman Stein Nexus App comes under some heavy scrutiny in this review and for very good reason.  The reasoning behind why we feel that a narration Hoffman Stein Scam is an accurate depiction of this system is due to the high level of anomalies we have found with everything the presenters have had to say about their so called cash cow the Nexus App. Top of the List is the key instrument who is meant to be to the driving force and acclaims he spent 8 years fine tuning this application. Dr.  Anthony Henderson the so called president is not real and nor is his Hoffman Stein Capital Investment Firm.


According to the storyline the algorithm behind this system is created by 56 programmers and 20 analysts.  However not one of these employees we could find on any Social Media Networks, Linked Inn Profiles or Trading Journals.  The lead programmer Allen Kuhn from Germany and the lead analyst Ana Chong from China are no different. They don’t even have LinkedIn or Facebook accounts, which can confirm their existence.  With such a gallery of fake identities there is no really telling whether their star system the Nexus is really deserves the high status they have given.  In fact on the evidence or lack of in this case we feel that it just isn’t worth phoning wall street about.


Hoffman Stein App


We find it very difficult to believe that a millionaire who made his earnings totalling $1,232,342.23 from this trading application remains a mystery.  There literally is no evidence of him other than with the few linkages to this product, other than not much else… zip… zero!! As a new trader it is literally not so difficult to distinguish when fibs are being told on every corner.  A promise of $623,023.44 in the next 30 days like the one that is plastered on the website is pretty much an over exaggeration of what this bot can do.


Then there is the mere claim that this trading application is restricted to 97 spots.  Simply refresh the browser and this fake scarcity widget is simply reset and the cloak begins again and so does the storyline.  Basically this trading system is supposed to make you millionaire for few months! The accuracy is set to 100% and estimated weekly profits are $125,000! This is impossible and won’t happen!


Fake Press Badges with Hoffman Stein Website Exposed !!

The usage of CNN or BBC logo on the site, are used on the website to make the system look genuine.  But we are saying these are not authentic period.  The reason is because they are hard coded for one, they do no appear on any search engine for another.  They are simply placed on the hoffmanstein.com portal for show to make the package look like the total article.   The horrific truth is that these articles were all faked by Photoshop or by a similar programming language app. Both the LA times and Wall Street Journal have in addition to this never published anything about Hoffman Stein’s Nexus App.


What about the Hoffman Stein Nexus App’s Testimonials?

The testimonials inside hoffmanstein.com presentation are also fabricated. They are your classical $5 dollar actors who have time after been hired to promote scams like this system.  These actors must truly have stealth acting skills and have left an impressions on the the real creators behind this scam software. Either that or the real CEO behind this Hoffman App must have been under some real tight budgets.


The people who testify and are supposed to bring legitimacy to the system are paid actors. They are hired from online marketplace called fiverr.com. We`ll expose one of them as proof. Regarding the endorsements, no one is really approving this trading robot! Our social media research discovered only negative reviews exposing the nexus app as scam!!! Take Philip Peterson below on the right, he is a well known actor who has time and time again appeared in scams gone past.  Below this image his fiverr profile with his profile.


Hoffman Stein Testimonials

Hoffman Stein Nexus App Actor


Hoffman Stein App Conclusion

Trading Horizon verdict: Hoffman Stein Nexus App Software is a SCAM!!

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It is becoming more evident that this whole system is nothing but a scam.   Due to the lack of evidence , the hyped up guarantees and the fact that we don’t see any background evidence of the brains behind this software , we can only be led to one conclusion that this trading software is a Hoffman Stein Scam.   If you would like to trade with an auto trader that has we can recommend Copy Buffett  or the Neo2 Software which are examples of reliable automated software  that has received positive testimonials and receiving good reviews across various authoritative sites and from market traders that have had years of experience trading within the industry.  For a Look At the Neo2 Software Breakthrough App check out the video promo by clicking the banner below.


Neo2 Software App


NEO2 Square is definitely something you must have! We believe that this service will have immense impact into binary options trading and it will change it forever.  Please note Neo2 Software like the Copy Buffett Binadroid Trading App  trading app another 2016 recommended service is only available in certain countries. For those who are unable to access the Neo2 platform we can also recommend the which continues to deliver positive results. For those who are unable to access the Neo2 platform we can also recommend & welcome you to visit our Latest Trading Signals recommendations!.


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