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FX Sniper Review, SCAM FX Sniper Software Exposed!!

FX Sniper by Simon Reed, a new application has seemingly launched itself as a trading tool with precision like accuracy. The FX Sniper Scam,  a web-based application, proclaims itself to be a revolutionary trading software that can yield returns in excess of $2,000 per week. On the surface of this FX Sniper Software may present a lucrative deal, however, make no mistake this trading application is a scam.  Below we will look at the detailed facts pertaining to the FX Sniper Trading platform. We would encourage you to read our FX Sniper Review before proceeding to investing your money!


FX Sniper Website: fxsniper.co


This software which proclaims to be a superior Forex Trading Software, that works on complete autopilot is one where readers should thread caution.  The Software, in reality, performs well below par that traders can rely on. Although this doesn’t apply to all auto trader, FX Sniper Software inherits typical scam elements and more importantly, a money sucking results. Even in the hands of a pro trader, they quickly notice trading signals which are senseless and inaccurate very often through


Why FX Sniper App is a Scam?

Simon Reed , who claims to be the founder behind the trading application FX Sniper is not a real person.  Besides the fact that no one in the industry has even heard of him outside of scam reviews, this individual simply does not exist in any social media forum, Linked Inn Profile or Twitter.


The fact of the matter is that the FX Sniper App is not a system you can trust to trade in the Forex Market.  Forex Sniper software seems to have a negative reputation the moment it came into the industry! Simply because it is clearly associated with a recent scam call the ProfitBall Scam. It’s common for hoax FX trading software to employ scam actors because they do not have a genuine face to represent their material.


The FX Sniper Scam; Scam Review!

Lets make clear it clear that FX Sniper is not a system trading in the Forex market!  In reference to FX Sniper App, we find the evidence of success to be false and no actual trading performance in the presentation.  If you are a complete newbie, the main difference between this two is the profit method. Aside from stealing your money, your guess is as good as ours is! Throughout their entire video, the fake Mr Reed does nothing but ramble on and on, talking extensively without giving any actual information



Is the Fx Sniper App a Scam? Yes. The All the presenter does is stretch the potential to unrealistic heights compared to what the product can actually deliver when put through the nuts and bolts of day to day uncertainties.  The truth of the matter is this software trades in the binary options instrument rather than an FX Trading Tool. For those who are unaware of the key differences, we will elaborate. Forex trading’s profit depends on how much the market move in the intended direction, hence depends on how many pips it rise/falls. Conversely, binary trading allows traders to earn a fixed return within a pre-stipulated fixed time.


We honestly looked but all we could find were cracks, questions and improbable guarantees that warrant us to believe that this application is neither legit or genuine.  During our analysis, we seem to be led to warrant this app to be labeled a Fx Sniper Scam and is very reminiscent of trading scams we have exposed in the past.    Simon in his defense claims to have worked on the Fx Sniper App, and claims the software takes advantages of ‘gaps’ or ‘loopholes’ which markets overlook.


Simon Reed presents a strong case that may sound concrete. He claims the software has the potential to rake up wins one after another with minimal losses beyond anything seen in the marketplace. In fact he guarantees it.  This statement is very much contradictory with the risk factor not being properly addressed other than a small print at the bottom of the website which is not so easy to spot.


In his Fx Sniper Review, investors are informed that in a short space of time following registration the benefactor can yield $300 almost instantaneously, $2000 within the first month and potentially rack up six figures in as little a year. Quite some statistics for sure.


FX Sniper Software Trading Forex Scams

In reference to FX Sniper App, we find the evidence of success to be false and no actual trading performance in the presentation. The only thing we are merely shown is a Meta Trader 4 Software interface which is meaningless! New members will not see the exact same screen but rather a web-based interface. Doing some further research into this we noted that the software was registered only within this month, March 2017.  Thus, we can infer that FX Sniper Ltd is not a legitimate trading solution company. What about the bank balance deposit via union bank? They are clearly a fake snapshot.


Fx Sniper System Testimonials

Throughout our entire review above we a classic example of how fraudsters work. There isn’t much to go on that can potentially satisfy our thirst to verify any of the claims being made during the FX Sniper Review. We tried but to no avail to find any actual positive feedback from traders. The few FX Sniper seemingly success stories show are merely fictional characters, stock market photos which consequently confirms our suspicion that we are dealing with a scam , a dubious app that is best avoided altogether.




At any point attempt closing the web browser and the visitor is greeted in car salesman fashion with model popup which loads an exit page in the background, promising something special. The text is in this case “WAIT! Do You Really Want To Lose Your Chance To Make $378 a Day with our App?”.



With all the proof above, we conclude that FX Sniper is a SCAM! This trading solution is not backed up with a real Forex professional nor do we suspect it has anything to do with Forex Trading!  ypical scam tactics hide behind this offer deceiving viewers to believe in this “Get Rich Quick” Scam! Everything simulated on the Fx Sniper platform are so convoluted meant to confuse the viewer into signing up profusely without nurturing the real facts.

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