Channel Ranger Scam Review

Channel Ranger Scam

Channel Ranger Scam Review; Basketball Slam Dunk App Busted!!

Channel Ranger Review:-

Channel Ranger Scam Review.  The Channel is latest trading application to be released in the market place.  Bounce a ball and make between $6,000 and $11,000 a week? This is the Slam sales pitch that the Channel Ranger App tries to insinuate.  The creative producer of the system Devin Miles claimed that this is the most innovative software that would literally guarantee anyone who utilises the application for the binary option trading would yield returns with a success of  more than eighty percent success rate guaranteed.


A close scrutiny of this trading application would indicate that this software is a malicious scam that would be best be avoided.  This system uses the analogy of the sport of basketball by claiming that the trading software is as easy as the 5 a side game.  This application does not reveal any real processes or mechanics of how the system works.  But what we can say for certainty is that the video presentation is designed to clearly target inexperienced traders.


The Channel Ranger software suggests it operates in a new type of market – The Sideways Market. This new market is very different from the volatility of the normal market. It is a channel of stability where 20 bounces from Call to Put could earn up to $6K for a trader. When one channel runs out the super pattern-recognition method of the system roams the Stock Market again, until it finds another channel. This  is what they want us to believe.  In this review we will look to provide detailed scam points on why we feel this Channel Ranger App should not be trusted and that the system should be avoided for a simple of peace of mind and the potential loss that would arise should one decide to register with the Channel Ranger Software website.


Channel Ranger Scam



Why the Channel Ranger System is a Scam ? Avoid !!!

When we got information that Channel Ranger System we decided to conduct our own research and to update our readers about it.  The term ‘Channel’ which refers to a ranger between a high support and a low resistance.  This in principle is what binary options thrive look to identify and trade off against.   The Channel Range compares this analogy to a sport rather than using technical terms which seasoned traders would understand suggest that the individuals behind this program are not really looking to sell a genuine system that existing traders would appreciate but are looking to deceive novices who are to the market to signing to the movement.


Devin Miles the supposedly force behind the product’s brand drive is a FAKE. After searching on google, linkedin and even Facebook we couldn’t find a guy called “Devin Miles” associated with trading. Surely such a highly successful professional would at least have a linked in profile for his potential clients? The only real time you will find this guy is whilst he’s presenting for Channel Ranger video. This tells us he clearly has no authority in the binary options industry and is likely to be a paid actor.  The actual website does not contain a lot of real content, so it is not possible to verify any this system. The testimonials are also false and deceptive towards to new and existing traders. When we look at this more closely we noticed that Joel ( showing below) is a fiction of imagination instead.


Channel Ranger also claims to make an impractical amount of trades. Between 80-200 per day is a heck of a lot of trades you’d need thousands available in your account to even place that many trades if they overlapped. The earth shattering Channel Ranger scam uses a poor methodology for currency trading long term. Channel trading requires low volatility which is fairly uncommon to find in the highest volume market in the world (Currency pairs).



channel ranger scam


In between I want to interject that the example with the basketball may sound a bit clever but ranging market trading and bouncing the basket ball involve mastering the skills and basics that are part and parcel of a morning traders routine! During the video presentation we also noted some selling tricks that are suitable for poor scam services but not for legit one. The creator Mr. Miles is trying to make you eager with every possible way he can. He is showing himself on Fiji vacation, riding horse, trying to push you with the poor “only few spots left” trick and so on and so on.


On the stand point of whether we feel that this trading application as shown on navstar-trader website trading arena is adequate for testing purpose, we are unfortunately going to inch more towards the negative side and not recommend this software for testing due to false stories it portrays. We also feel that this trading software is an imitation of well known trading apps. Whilst we are not going to recommend this for testing we would like to welcome anyone who has tried this software to feel free and leave a comment below about their experience.


  Review Verdict: Channel Ranger Scam

Not recommended for Testing! 

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Recommendation:- Copy Buffett is an example of a reliable automated software  that has received positive testimonials and receiving good reviews across various authoritative sites. For more information about this software check out the free video by clicking on the link below.


Copy Buffett Software


For newbie traders who would like to start with a start with a recommended broker without having to risk investments with an auto trader we can recommend you can trade with the Tradorax which offers members with a user friendly platform for binary options trading. Thank you for reading this review. is secured website via https:// SSL encrypted protocol and Scam-free guaranteed by Site Lock daily scams! Clicking on any content within our website is totally secure and RISK-FREE!  We pride ourselves in providing detailed reviews with as much accuracy as possible and un-earthling scams to make it a safer environment for new and existing traders.


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