CFD Society App Review

CFD Society App

CFD Society App Certified Scam Review ; Fabricated Software Details Exposed!!

CFD Society App is the latest trading app to have been launched in the binary options industry.  This trading application which we have now added to our list of scams to avoid. In this CFD Society review we will look into the specifics why this trading application is nothing but a hoax that has nothing but negative intentions written all into it for investors who are simply looking forward to diversying their portfolio.  In the next sections we will go into details on why this software is not trusted and why you should not entrust your capital is not safe with the CFD Society Trading software. We will give you ample evidence which revolve around the FACTS, that will hopefully aid you and convince you to steer clear from the CFD Society Scam.


CFD Society App aka Contract For Difference App Scam Review

The website under investigation for scam is This is the site that has been created as a funnel to entice you into the world of scam. The CFD Society App a site which is being sponsored and has an affiliatation to unregulated binary options brokers has recently seen an influx in some high volume trading activity,  One of the major selling points that this application is that it is not trading binary options but contract for difference.  In fact what we did find out from just observing the video presentation is that this site uses both clases of trading interchangeably without understanding the key variances and differences between the two concepts.


One of the broker based on our research is a company refered to as 10 Markets an unsafe broker which had a severe warning provided by the Forex Peace Army report of March 6 2017,  This follows a series of complaints from customers with regards to withdrawal and customer service issues. For further evidences regarding the CFD Society App , please continue to read our indepth review surrounding the FACTS the CFD Society Software pleadges and which we have found to be based on FALSE premise.  Alternatively, please free to check out a more safer option, in the form of the United Trading Social Network, for better and more consitent high quality signals, triggered by real traders.


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CFD Society App – Review Facts!!

The CFD Society Software presentation which is unscrupulous to say the least with little or no morality when it comes when one removes the ice pack they have carved based on misconceptions.  Remove the layers and some unrealistic facts surface bringing into question the whole purpose of this websites existence , which we can tell you know is not investment worthy.   The whole website is very clever and the words they used are cleverly orchestrated to make this whole package look more lucrative then what its true monetary worth really is , i.e. negligible.


Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

CFD Society App



Chris Chase’s the alleged founder who is supposedly the main driving force and key simulator behind this application, the CFD society software, is fictional.  The persona represented isn’t Chase but an  image bank actor, stock photo who has previously been used is various marketing giimicks unrelated to oline trading, CFDs, or binary options.


Is CFD Society App Scam?

In short yes, the CFDSociety App is nothing more than a shady trading application.  There is no doubt that the CFD Society App is scam.Everything written by Chase, the testimonials and the softwares capabilities are all planted, pre-scripted and written without any verifiable evidence that can support the claims made.  According to the, Chris Chase reportedly published artlcles on  the subject across a variety of platforms seen over an array of a few reputable websites such as Fortune, Forbes and Bloomberg, are just all over-exagerrated.  No such publications exists.


Do not for a minute believe that you can earn $60,000 a month using this scam system. The only guarantee that we can give you, is that you will certainly lose your deposit.  Not to mention the intrusive phone calls that you are likely to receive from an unregulated trying to convince you to double or triple your investment.


How Does the CFD Society Software Work?

Chris Chase boasts that the CFD Society App analyses the market across multiple assets. It can predict movements to the extent of 97%. Of course, this is really an impossibly high probability ratio that we have never come across! If that is not enough, below you can see evidence of the last “150” trades – whereby there is 29 Lost and 121 Won. This would make it a percentage of 81.7% win rate and not 97%. However, we can assure you that these trades are all fake.


Furthermore, and even more damning evidence is that our investigations have revealed  the system was only founded last month on January 18th, 2017. So not only is the website barely even a month old. Cleary everything claimed by Chris Chase we have seen is just one big deceptive lie after another intended with to mislead innocent day-traders out of their hard-earned money.

   Review Verdict: The CFDSociety App is a Scam

   Not recommended for Testing! For More Scams: Check out ; the Jarvis Formula Software Review


The CFDSociety Scam Review Conclusion

On the stand point of whether we feel that this CFD Society App trading application is adequate for testing purpose, we are unfortunately going to inch more towards the negative side and not recommend this software for testing due to false stories it portrays. Whilst we are not going to recommend this for testing we would like to welcome anyone who has tried the to feel free and leave a comment below about their experience. is secured website via https:// SSL encrypted protocol and Scam-free guaranteed by Site Lock daily scams! Clicking to any of the content available in this website is totally RISK-FREE!   If you would like to try an alternative product that has seen lots of support across various networks and retails traders alike than we can encourage you to watch check out our signals page where all the products listed have received positive endorsements. Please also take a moment to subscribe to our blog for the latest updates.  Thank you for reading this CFDSociety App review.

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