Cambridge Method Software Review

Cambridge Method Software Review

Cambridge Method Software Review; Cantabrigian Certified or Delinquent Scam!! Evidences Exposed!!

Cambridge Method Software a system that is designed to trade binary options.  The application a creation of the workings of a  certain James Hockton,  a risk analyst, modular, a cantabrigian certified individual, with the elegance that typifies a high profile alumni that comes from being a former member of the prestigious university and a former member of the London Stock Exchange. The Cambridge Method system which claims to try for a period of 6 months for free. Once the free membership will expire and your balance will be on a minimum of £10,000, the Method will be suspended and you would be required to buy a premium membership for the amount of £512 a year.


The Cambridge Method Software, a super nova system that is designed to have streamlined algorithms that generate pinpoint precision like trades that have an accuracy rate of 97.6%  which is set to work on auto pilot and comes fully equipped with a satisfaction guarantee, £10,000 to be exact, that promises a whirlwind amount of profits that just keep on generating non-stop.   This application which is purely a web based program that can be accessed via features a character unfortunately that amplifies this software to be more delinquent and synonymous to trading applications that we have exposed as scams.


For those of you remember the Greenwood Formula a software that went to astonishing heights with its marketing campaigns but turned out to be a busted software that was inspired by a deceitful fraudster that featured more actors who feature in this application.  The imagination of a luxurious lifestyle is the makings of this production much like it did with a bunch of other apps that we exposed in the past.  And then there’s the promise of getting compensated a whooping $10,000 if for some reason the software refuses to perform as programmed. It is even advertised that these situations never occur, and thus the owner of Cambridge Method software will never have to pay $10,000 out of his pocket.

Cambridge Method Software Review


Why is the Cambridge Method SCAM?

  • Fake scarcity counter: yes
  • Browser pop ups: No
  • Fake testimonials: yes
  • Impossible profits: yes
  • Looks authentic: no
  • Believable evidence of profits: no
  • Scam possibility: 100 percent
  • Profit Guarantee identified: yes


Cambridge Method Review; Software Anomalies Exposed!!

The first major scam point is actually a case of self-infliction.  James Hockton who we identified as the creator of the app is confused with Jack Flynn who had was the original creator that had developed the earlier versions of this application later fine-tuned.  These names which are interchanged quite a bit is evidence that the Cambridge Method Software co-creators are both fictions of imagination and both  identities are Fake!


Cambridge Method Scam Review


The Enticement in terms of the $10,000 Guarantee boldly highlighted on the Cambridge Method App Website , the 97.6% Accuracy Results and claims of this system being 100% Safe are further cases that this site is not at all created by a professional trader. The Guarantee that they mention is in fact a redemption criteria that has requires a high turnover requirement.  The Safety element and the high accuracy rates are not genuine or probable given the high risk and volatile the trading market is. Or what about the outdated screenshots pertaining to broker & bank accounts dated over a year ago which were clearly edited, another confirmation showing this development is old and reused.


Unfortunately the only positive reviews you’ll find supporting this Cambridge Method trading scam come directly from their site, or from second-rate blogs endorsing them. The recorded testimonials as seen on are obviously recycled clips performed by paid actor / actresses.  The whole feed showing Twitter and Facebook positive endorsements as you scroll down the Cambridge Method App website  where photos are matched to text using photo editing software.  In no time during the video do we see and real evidence whilst conducting this Cambridge Method Review and real demonstration.  This is just another developer’s ploy to gain credibility for Cambridge Method scam by those positive comments.

Cambridge Method Scam Review


Due to simplicity of Binary Options Trading compared to traditional trading methods many unregulated brokers, rogue traders and scam artists have found this a venue to launch fake program like the Cambridge Method App to trick people that are easily gullible into investing funds in a system that does not work. To understand this more comprehensively and to be successful, one needs to understand how the market works. Markets tend to move in patterns, understanding these patterns is a fundamental part of the game. Binary Options stem traditionally stem from Forex industry . The one big advantage of Binary Options is that the risk and reward is very clear at the outset.


On the stand point of whether we feel that this trading application is inadequate for testings purpose due to the high level of anomalies we have identified whilst conducting this review.  Whilst we are not going to recommend this for testing we would like to welcome anyone who has tried this software to feel free and leave a comment below about their experience.


Verdict: Cambridge Method Software is a Scam

Not recommended for Testing! 

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We strive to project systems tested not only by our team, but applauded for their efficiency by the trading community & supported by Binary/Forex Authorities. If you would like to try an alternative product that has seen lots of support across various networks and retails traders alike than we can encourage you to watch the free video of our nominated product. Be sure to share your feedback below this warning if you decided to test or any other binary options broker and/or signals provider. Your feedback is highly important and can help us deter potential victims from making the same mistake.


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