BTC Prestige Scam Review

BTC Prestige Review

BTC Prestige Review: BITCOIN SCAM!


The BTC Prestige app claims to be this awesome crypto trading tool specifically designed for Bitcoin. As the story goes, and notice how we call it a STORY, this BTC Prestige software can generate thousands of dollars per day without fail. No, we are not calling it a fact, because it is not true. This claim is more of a fairytale than anything else.


BTC Prestige Review


The reason we say this is because this software comes with absolutely zero proof that it works as advertised. There is of course plenty of evidence to back up our case that this BTC Prestige trading system is a complete rip off.


BTC Prestige Scam

This Bitcoin trading program claims that Russia and China are about to do something which will cause the price of Bitcoin to explode in value. However, there is of course no proof offered to back up this claim. There is a lot more going on here, with many different scam factors that we need to talk about. There is a good reason why we are doing a BTC Prestige scam review, and it is because we need to give you fair warning about this malicious trading system. This BTC Prestige review is going to prove once and for all that this automated Bitcoin trading app is a scam and we aim to wipe it off the face of the earth for good.


BTC Prestige Software – A Ridiculous Claim

The first part of this trading scam that strikes our attention is the claim of how Bitcoin is about to explode in value due to some actions that are yet to be taken by China and Russia. The presentation video claims that these two countries are about to create some kind of new law or system that will bolster the price of Bitcoin.


However, if you listen closely, it is all a bunch of speculation based on false assumptions. This whole thing does not make any sense at all, literally none. The reasoning behind what these crooks tell us is completely nonsensical. It is just a bunch of hot air, loud noises, and flashy graphics meant to capture your attention. It is pretty much an infomercial, but instead of a product that is going to break in 2 days, you are getting a cryptocurrency trading system that will steal your money!


BTC Prestige Trading Software – NO PROFITS!

As the story goes, you should be able to make up to $10,000 or more, per day, using this Bitcoin trading app. However, there is no proof offered of this, none whatsoever. First off, we are told that this is an automated signals provider and trading platform. Yet, we are never informed of any coherent trading strategies.


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We are also not told what kind of market indicators and analysis tools are in use. We are just expected to believe that this app can deliver up to $10,000 per day without any knowledge of how the system is supposed to work. As far as we can tell, the BTC Prestige system does not really perform any trades at all, as there is certainly no evidence of such. Moreover, there is also no proof that anybody has ever made a profit here. The BTC Prestige program claims to be highly profitable, yet we have not encountered a single person who has ever made money with it.


BTC Prestige Does not work

Sure, we have come across many people who have had their money stolen from them by this terrible thieving scam, but none that have profited. We have talked to several people out there, and they have all said the same thing. They opened their trading accounts, the invested some money into trades, and the cash simply disappeared before their very eyes. By all accounts, BTC Prestige scam software is nothing more than an easy way for a group of criminals to get their dirty hands on your money.


BTC Prestige Trading Scam – Unrelated Celebrity Quotes

Another classic scam tactic that these clowns use is to include random quotes from well-known people on the website. There are quotes from Bill Gates, the CEO of Zappo, Roger Ver, and other people too. Yes, these quotes may have at one time been said by these people about Bitcoin, but they are not related to this BTC Prestige trading system whatsoever.


They are just random quotes that have no bearing on this particular trading program. These quotes are meant to convince you that Bitcoin is going to be the next big thing, which it might be, but the point is that none of these guys have ever heard of BTC Prestige software. Heck, the merit of those quotes is questionable too.


BTC Prestige Quotes

Sure, those guys may be smart, but as can be seen from recent weeks, their predictions are not coming true, at least not yet. Don’t get suckered in by these random and unrelated celebrity quotes. Just because some people with tons of money in their bank accounts claim something does not necessarily make it so.


BTC Prestige Trading App – Fake Support & Other Links

Another indication that there is a scam going on here is that there are a bunch of broken links on the bottom of the website. Both the “affiliate” and “support” links do not work at all. The fact that there is literally zero customer support is very suspicious.


Even worse is that there is actually no indication of who is in charge here. The BTC Prestige app is completely anonymous and the crooks in charge are doing their best to keep it that way. Not telling us who the leadership and ownership consists of here is a really big problem. You just cannot ever trust any kind of anonymous cryptocurrency trading system.


BTC Prestige Review – Conclusion

As you can see, there are tons of scam factors present with this BTC Prestige trading system. The bottom line is that you will get ripped off if you go anywhere near this scam program. It might seem like these crooks know what they are talking about. However, all they are spouting is crap and hot air. Don’t believe in this anonymous Bitcoin trading app, because all you will accomplish is the total loss of your investment.


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