Bitcoin Giants Scam Review

bitcoin giant scam review

Bitcoin Giants Scam Review ;  Bit Giant Tremendous Dinosaur Ponzi Scheme is an online alternative financier adapted towards furnishing crypto lovers with a chance to contribute their fiat or Bitcoin money for potential venture returns. Highlighting a forex and CFD stage, imminent speculators can contribute money sets, stocks, wares alongside up to 8 upheld digital currencies. “Contribute with the best” is the adage in which Bitcoin Giants tries to reverberate among their watchers, be that as it may, exhaustive research will uncover an altogether extraordinary thought process escaped by the makers behind this stage.


Aside from fusing imaginary client tributes into the system of their stage, Bitcoin Giants utilizes flawed exchanging highlights with an irregular venture arrange that doesn’t make an easy to understand climate. To take in more about the beguiling idea of this financier we urge you to keep perusing our fair survey. – Bitcoin Giants ; What is Bitcoin Giants?

Bitcoin Giants is an online alternative business that incorporates cryptographic forms of money into their CFD and forex stage. Not at all like trades, Bitcoin Giants doesn’t empower their financial specialists the capacity to trade their kept Bitcoin or fiat money stores into other bolstered digital forms of money. Rather, financial specialists who store into this stage through fiat or Bitcoin stores can take their stores and contribute it among an assortment of speculation alternatives. These choices, as beforehand expressed, bolster money sets, items, stocks and select digital currencies.


bitcoin giants scam review


Who is Responsible for Bitcoin Giants? is purportedly claimed by G.G. Capital Group Ltd and worked by H.I. Capital Group. H.I. Capital Group has a set office address of 1323 Sofia, 28 Javharlal Neru Blvd, Silver Business Center, Office 24 while G.G. Capital is headquartered from Suite 305, Corporate Griggith Center, Beachmont Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


What we discovered fascinating however would be the way the address of H.I. Capital Group shows up not to be a true blue address alongside how G.G. Capital Group Ltd neglects to be documented as one of the dynamic specialist co-ops at their assigned address. Moreover, we were unsuccessful in finding any proof to recommend and check that both of those two corporate substances really exist. Pursuit inquiries directed through their supposedly administering details neglected to bring about any sound query items.


Found on the Contact Us page of would be the affirmed primary office address of Professor Fridtjof Nansen Street, Floor 7, Sofia, Bulgaria. As some of you may have possessed the capacity to derive for yourselves as of now however, this gave address isn’t a current address. Lamentably, the designers behind this site enrolled their space with a protection bundle so we can’t discover any data in regards to the enlistment centers through a WHOIS area seek.


Bitcoin Giants Trading Platform

Bitcoin Giants utilizes a CFD and forex based stage for their financial specialists. Implying that every one of the alternatives accessible are either forex set ups where use is included or choice based where merchants must contribute subordinate esteems compared through the financier. The majority of the cryptographic money upheld ventures are CFD based and are determined by values produced through Bitcoin Giants structure, not constant rates. What’s more, speculators can share in auto exchanging contradicted to exclusively simply manual contributing.



Bitcoin Giants Account Types

Bitcoin Giants offers 4 account bundles through their stage. Similarly as with most unsubstantiated and misleading financiers, Bitcoin Giants tries to urge speculators to store into one of their following record writes and acknowledge their alloted store reward. What financial specialists aren’t mindful of more often than not of however would be the means by which these store rewards accompany conditions that must be met before withdrawals can be executed, which is the reason unless you are a prepared speculator you ought to never acknowledge a store reward.

Fundamental Account Package

Store Bonus: 25%

Least Deposit: $250

Record Incentives: 25% reward, all day, every day client support and access to instructive focus

Silver Account Package

Store Bonus: 40%

Least Deposit: $2,500 or 1 BTC

Record Incentives: Basic record advantages in addition to exchanging signals

Gold Account Package

Store Bonus: 75%

Least Deposit: $10,000 or 3 BTC

Record Incentives: Silver record advantages in addition to individual merchant, 1 on 1 exchanging and advertise investigation

Platinum Account Package

Store Bonus: 100%

Least Deposit: $50,000 or 10 BTC

Record Incentives: Gold record advantages in addition to guide line to examiner and premium stage


Bitcoin Giants – Account Types Question Marks and Red Flags

The explicit double dealing of their proprietorship and working elements are significant warnings in our books. We additionally can’t disregard the way that Bitcoin Giants isn’t supervised by any administrative body, which is exceptionally disapproved of and a need for financial specialist security inside the forex and CFD enterprises. In conclusion, the “client tributes” highlighted at the base of their landing page are counterfeit and manufactured with the sole expectations of acquiring your trust.


BitcoinGiants Testimonials

A WHOIS inquiry will uncover that was made on August 30th, 2017. Considering the data revealed above we can’t order Bitcoin Giants as a reliable operation. Working basically as an unknown financier while misleading your face with imaginary tributes just demonstrates that this business couldn’t care less about your prosperity and are utilizing any measures important to betray you out of your well deserved cash.


Bitcoin Giants Review Conclusion

Bitcoin Giants is a dishonest and miserable alternative business that has endeavored to additionally fill their pockets by focusing on the digital currency group. Consolidating beguiling and manufactured components into the structure of their site just goes to demonstrate the sort of vindictive venture opportunity that anticipates for you at Bitcoin Giants. Do others a civility by sharing this audit or sharing your input so others are more averse to succumb to this appalling speculation trick.

Audit Verdict: Bitcoin Giants is a SCAM!

Boycotted Site:

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  • Bitcoin Giants is not a Scam! Fact
    Just withdrew a lot of money from them without a problem! Very secure
    You lead to other brokers that pay you probably

  • oh yes they are your obviously one of the slimy mindians that has stolen all of my money don’t worry your days are numbered now though you pieces of shit seriously stay clear people and don’t meven listen to this piece of shit above me hes one of them !!!!!!

    • Yes they tell you that you can withdraw your money like a bank account , no you have to wait 28 days. Yep think I’ve lost £4000, Will let you know. I nearly put a few more grand in thank god I didn’t. I did have a gut feeling because of hard sell

  • Total scam 100%
    I made a lot of money
    When I tried to withdraw they closed my account and won’t answer calls

  • don’t trust this it a scam I was scam 5000$ and left me with 62$
    scam scam scam

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