Binary Brain Trust is a Brain-Dead Scam!!

Binary Brain Trust

Binary Brain Trust Scam Review

Binary Brain Trust by Martin Clayton is trusted scam!  Have no doubts about.  This Binary Brain Trust App cannot be trusted.   We have started to see alot of bogus reviews on this app but as we started to dig a little into this app real authenticity we think that the whole app is brain dead.  The typical scam features are there to be seen in black and white , we feel that this app is typical like scams we have reviewed recently.


This bogus software has  “licenses left” counter, fake countdown timers and it has bogus trust badges. BinaryBrain Trust is no secret trust fund, in-fact you are considering to join the software don’t. We would advise you to read this review in its entirety before deciding whether or not you wish to be part of the Binary Brain Trust Movement.


Let’s start or Binary Brain Trust review with the alleged “Martin Clayton” who presents himself as the Founder & Chairman of this Binary Brain Trust.  Martin Clayton claims that he created this app 5 years ago. Furthermore, we couldn’t find any reference to Mr. Clayton anywhere you’d normally locate an individual, such as Linkedin, Google and Facebook, yet he only exists in the realm of scam reviews not to our surprise.  Binary Brain Trust is supposed to be a new binary options trading software and like most autotraders this software trades is supposed to trade for you various currency pairs using various technical indicators.


Binary Brain Trust



Binary Brain Trust claims to have generated millions of dollars to day-traders around the world. Lets be clear that the only one who has profited from this app is the so called trustees and their associate scam brokers.  “Hurry! Make a guaranteed minimum $5000 per day” is the main title on It’s hard to miss the deceptive “22 Spots Remaining” widget, the most over-used pressure tactic we’ve seen.


Binary Brain Trust Scam Review Summary

Limited Scarcity Widget:Yes
Fake Testimonials: Yes
Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
Comes Across As Authentic: No
Convincing Proof of Profits: No
Probability of Being a Scam: Yes


In addition to this we alsot noted that the testimonials presented by binarybraintrust app are also fake.  The fake Bank of America snapshots are not very convincing either, considering that we’ve seen it used by scam sites over and over.


What would a really good Binary Brain Trust System encompass?

A good Binary Options system will be able to depict the movement of a currency pair accurately using accurate technical and fundamental methods.  It does not require having Binary Brain Trust foundation or community.  It needs to simply be accurate and be able to convey real results .


At no point did this Binary Brain Trust produce or show any real results.  The few testimonials which were shown during the Binary Brain Trust Promotion were identified as fake beta testers that is stock photos used to make this app genuine.


Binary Brain Trust Scam Points 

  1. We’re told by some unidentified voice that she made $5,145.32 on her first day. The problem with this  Binary Brain Trust testimonial is completely fake and only meant to mislead you.
  2. They have the typical memberships available type of counter, and of course, it resets the moment you reload the site.
  3. The Binary Brain Trust uses “offers are extremely limited!” widgets to enduce you to invest without performing the necessary due diligence.  But of course we know that it is not, they want as many people as possible to sign up for their scam system.
  4. None of the Forbes, CNN, Technorati or any of those other links work. These are not authentic.
  5. Martin Clayton claims that they have been making over $5,000 for their members each day for the last 5 years. The really big problem with that is that the site has only been active in 2016.


Review Verdict: Binary Brain Trust is a SCAM!

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Binary Brain Trust is not the system that is going to make you rich and take away all of your financial worries.  If you are interested to trade with a broker directly and without the potential risk of having a binary scam trustee for an autotrader why not look in to trading with a broker that is proven with its customer care policies and has a good track record.


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