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Binadroid2 Software Scam Review – Binadroid 2 System Redesigned!! Detailed Facts!!

Binadroid2 Software is it a Scam? This detailed review will look to assess the new version looked to take away a lot of the complexities that were evident in the first system.  The major question when we look at the detailed facts is whether by doing so and simplifying the processes the Binadroid2 software application takes away the competitive advantage that it had over various other trading software’s on its original version.


The Binadroid brand and this sequel which is being presented by Troy Everett is without a doubt a unique platform that stands out in relation to other semi-automated and automated trading platforms within the Binary Options Trading Industry. We would encourage any one who wishes to check out the Binadroid2 Software and what it has to offer to take a look at the video attached to the banner below.  We will also look to discuss these facts in more depth as we proceed with this Binadroid2 Review.


Binadroid2 Software Review- Video Presentation!!

Binadroid2 Software Review


BinaDroid2 App Review Summary

Annoying Browser Pop-Ups: No
Fake Scarcity Counter: No
Paid Actor Testimonials: Yes
Impossible Revenue Gains: No
Comes Across As Authentic: Maybe
Convincing Proof of Profits: No
Price: Free. Have to sign up with one of their brokers.
Auto-trading Available: Yes, fully auto-trading app


Binadroid2 System Review; Detailed Facts Exposed!!

We are told by Troy Everett when we were first introduced to the BinaDroid2 software brand.   His specialty which was creating sentiment based social trading algorithms.  Binadroid2 app utilises the latest Android technology that then gets combined with regular technical and fundamental analysis to create the best possible signals.


So what’s new with the Binadroid2 Software and how is this different to the first version that was launched at the beginning of the year. With so many dodgy systems out there, it is often difficult to determine what is good and what is not these days. The Binadroid2 software is predominately a binary options system which comes fully equipped with a number of very unique features that might surprise you, which we detail as we start looking at it closely looking at this autobot for the purposes of this review.


Lets start with the Binadroid 2 system as a whole.  One of the most obvious things to note is that the Binadroid2 Software is completely free to utilize following successful broker registration as synced with the web program. In addition to this fact, to start things off we will start by discussing what Binadroid2 Software does. Binadroid2 System is basically a trading application that is designed to function on complete auto pilot for the purposes of Binary Options Trading.  This is in far contrast to the earlier version which had manual trading capabilities.  The vision of Troy Everett with the Binadroid 2 System here was to eradicate the complexities of manual trading and make it easier for traders to profit by linking the web based program to economic, fundamental, sentimental and technical data.


Binadroid2 Software Platform


Troy mentions that his software is heavily decoded with a lot of algorithms that are based on his understanding and numerous years of trading the financial markets.  He said he understands that trading sometimes comes with heavy risk which is why he created a ‘reverse button’ to counteract out of money trades thus limiting risk exposure and ensuring that traders maximize the returns on the investments.


Binadroid2 System Platform


In the developmental the CEO instructed the insertion of an economic calendars and risk preference.  Users who utilize this platform will have the option of selecting  either low, medium or high risks prior to setting the activate autobinadroid button as you see on the image below.  By doing so only trades that match investors risk appetite would be careful sourced and conducted.  Trades conducted on the low zone are initiated at best 2 at a go whilst higher zone trades can go up to 8 at a time. Traders who prefer the only semi-automatic status can still visually see potential signals that they can conduct directly on their broker platform thereby keeping the best of both worlds initial theme very much alive. Inside we have integrated an Economic Calendar. A neat feature that allows you to keep up to date knowledge of key global events giving you total control running and sourcing signals. Minimum trade values start at $25 as is conducive to the brokers that are streamlined to work with this auto bot.


Please note this system for any existing Binadroid Customers has no real affiliation from the older version as this system is stand alone.  Anyone who wishes to be part of this revolution, referred to as Binadroid2 Software and experience all that it has to provide and profit from this amazing android would be re-required to register under the new web page.  Absolutely no downloads are required as the system is purely web-based and can be accessed We will be closely monitoring this system but based upon early evidences this trading application looks very compact, simple, and easy to understand and use as a tool for Binary Options Trading.


BinaDroid 2 Review Conclusion

The Binadroid2 Software is no scam and is recommended for testing purposes!  If BinaDroid system’s initial launch results are anything to go by this software is going to be very interesting and would make the world of automation take a whole new dimension in context of Binary Options Trading with the new unique features.  We will be actively testing and monitoring this application in terms of progress and further updates. In the meantime, if you have any questions or feedback on this new auto-trader, please feel free to comment below as we rely heavily on hearing from our readers and subscribers.


Verdict: Binadroid2 Software is not a Scam

Recommended for Testing! 

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