Best Currency Pairs to Trade

Best Currency Pairs To Trade


Best Currency Pairs to Trade :- Selecting the Best Foreign Currency Pair Philosophy

There are literally over hundred of currency pairs that one can trade in the forex market.  However selecting the best trades is not a simple straight forward task when it comes to trading the Forex markets the first time.  One of the most crucial and important points that potential investors would need to atleast have a grasp of is understanding the forces that have an influence on profits when trading a specific currency pair.


One such factor is the margin or the spread a certain currency pair shows.  Generally the greater the margin the higher the risk and more difficulty in attaning maximum profit potential.  In general  you can literally trade as many foreign exchange currencies in the world as you want but this might prove to be time wasted in truly understanding the key behavioural aspects that affect maybe one or two pairs.


In today’s society there are only 7 most widely traded currency pairs in the online trading markets. To really get on the other side and be part of the elite forex society that prevails, forex traders need to learn math of each currency in which he or she is going to trade. Our preferences and advise would be that traders choose and really understand just 2 currencies and 1 commodity re:gold before attempting to try some other pair.


The key in selecting the currency really depends on the position you take on a particular currency pair.  Of course understanding ones political and econmical own domicile country can help in assessing trade patterns which feature the investors local currency.  However, this alone is not a factor and more focus should be made on the naked chart aspects and truly ripping a currency pairs sentiment and evalulating the forces of demand and supply that make the pair tick.


Selecting the strong currencies

A currency pair is the quotation of the relative value of a currency unit against the unit of another currency in the foreign exchange market. Always pick one strong currency with a weak currency.  This will give you more room to plan and examine sentiment in favor of the stronger currency especially in times of high volatile. For example, EUR/USD will exhibit strong uptrend in case the USD is weakening and Euro is consolidating.


Best Currency Pairs To Trade



Doing quick Technical Analysis

Opening charts

Open charts for a select few currency pairs and begin performing a basic analysis of support and resistance and understanding trade sentiment.   In addition to the above I suggest you also have a news event and economic calendar open to get any hint about market.  The neutral evaluation will allow you set positive mind-set and give you ample time to plan for what to do next.


By Identify the pivot levels, support, and resistance about the currency pairs will give you literally an edged for those adhoc traders who go and trade without a plan.  Trust in your research and once you have conducted some technical analysis, a review for another time, you will be on good sted.  Follow your gut feelings and game plan rather than following what the other folk of investors is going to do.   Even if you are not confident after doing all this, do not try to push yourself, there are many other investment opportunities and you can also count on there being a few really good juicy setups that are easy pickings that will come eventually. There are plenty of trading opportunities in the market in Currency pairs which meet ALL our criteria. is secured website via https:// SSL encrypted protocol and Scam-free guaranteed by Site Lock daily scams! Clicking any content available in this website is totally RISK-FREE!  Please feel free to leave some feedback below this review.  Research is very important and some systems do work, and the positive consensus is usually clear when a quality results become the end product. Thank you for reading this review.

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Best Currency Pairs to Trade
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