Bank TrackerBot Review ; Bank Tracker Bot Scam

Bank Tracker Bot Fake Testimonial

Bank TrackerBot Scam Review; Bank Tracker Software Busted!!

Bank Tracker Bot is the latest auto trading software  to be released in the  market.  Unfortunately this review will not look endorse  this app but instead provide comprehensive facts that highlight why we  feel the Bank Tracker Software is a busted system and is not sustainable for investment purposes.


Michael George who claims to be an experienced binary options trader claims the BTB website that it runs on extremely advanced algorithms. The website comes up with some astonishing claims about the returns that its members have made  to date. that its members are having massive returns from simply using this app.  They further go on trying to persuade and convince innocent online investors that they will make $3050 in the first week of trading.


Bank Tracker Bot 100% Free Scam

Bank Tracker Bot Scam Review



We gathered plenty of evidence leading us to conclude that Bank Tracker Bot is a SCAM.  George who claims this software is the reason he now has a 25 year old wife. Of course we are not going to judge him on his lifestyle choices as that is a debate for another day when the mood for swing dancing is high on the  agenda. The system which claims to  be endorsed by CNBC, CNN Money and the BBC and has the potential to generate a formidable return of 98.7% on initial investment.


Michael George was supposedly working as a IT guy debugging systems before his good friend Steve, whom he hasn’t seen since high school randomly called him up and asked him to deposit money into a system he has just developed. Michael to his surprise found that his initial deposit of $600 into the as BTB Software grew in just one compounded trade and his account balance increased to $1000.  He subsequently claims to have repeated the process  and won another high stakes trade.  Now  this kind of behavior which is of condoned in the binary options trading world because of its gambling nature and high probabilities seems to be the kind of practice that the alleged presenter is insinuating one should follow which goes without saying is deceptive and definitely not the correct mental aptitude one should have  when trading or investing in any asset or securities.


Bank Tracker Bot login:


Why is Bank Tracker Bot App is Scam?

  • Annoying Popups: Yes
  • Fake Testimonials: Yes
  • Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
  • Comes Across As Authentic: No
  • Convincing Proof of Profits: No
  • Limited Scarcity Widget:No
  • Probability of Being a Scam: Yes


If you have listened carefully to the Bank Tracker Bot scam presentation and read what we have just covered already, you will already start to wonder, is this truly an auto trader because by the sounds of it sounds like a semi auto trader where you have to place the trades yourself. The website is basically saying that making money with the software is the easiest thing for anyone because the Bank Tracker Bot software will only invest in a trade based on its analysis of technical data.


Now for the  fun part The Bank Tracker Bot Software works by following bank stocks and trade binary options on top of the stocks.  Ok so this is a copy cat software.  The idea is that bank stocks are has lower volatility, meaning they are less prone to fluctuations and therefore more predictable.  This of course  is not true and and incorrect statement of the risk element of the industry .


Additionally the developer of this scam system claims to have been an experienced trader who has been in the binary options trading industry for long. However, if you try to search for his name on Google, you will not see any trace of him.  The Bank Tracker Bot endorsements from the likes of CNN and BBC are also fake.  We tried to look for any indication of this BTB app but could not find any reviews or articles from these channels pertaining to this system.   This system is not associated in any shape or form to a retail bank, any association claimed is clearly fiction.  This software by all intensive purposes is free however like many other systems the trading app can only be activated by investing in the broker  that is synced to this bank tracker software.


Fake Testimonial Picture As seen on the BTB Website

Bank Tracker Bot Fake Testimonial


Tamara West form Canada, Andrew Fisher, Bernard Muller and the rest of the people you see on the entire website are stock photos. Those are not real members connected with this service, they are only invented identities aiming to rise the credibility of this system. In no time did we  see any demonstration that the auto trader works to the levels that Michael Claims.


Review Verdict: Bank Tracker Bot Scam

Not recommended for Testing! 

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Due to the lack of evidence , the hyped up guarantees and the fact that we don’t see any background evidence of the brains behind this software , we can only be led to one conclusion that this  software is a Scam and should be avoided for investment purposes.


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