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Alive in 5 Software Scam Review

Alive in 5 is not so alive?  This Alive in 5 Software Scam Review will reveal that you are better off not to trusting this software as developed by Brandon Graham. This auto trader the latest in over ever growing list of alive scams is another signalling software that promises potential investors of the rich life but when it comes to the crunch of it delivers peanuts. Alive in 5 systems by Brandon Graham warrants the title because of the revelations we have compiled that contradict everything the millionaire ceo as he refers to himself inclines towards during the promotion.


Website under investigation and scrutiny


Alive in 5 Software Review

Alive in 5 much to our previous review the Underdog Millionaire Pro App is a more sophisticated production that looks like it was expensive in producing and actually took sometime in producing rather than being produced in some basement with no detail to the minor details.  However, where made some creativity, they lacked the originality and ingenuity to perform real testing which would have added value to their marketing endeavours.


The video in itself involves a large scale galore of mansion, sports cars and even has the rags to riches story from some testimonial actors to provide some authenticity to this alive in 5 system.  We are having none of that as in the end everything said or shown during the production is a fake.   Brandon Graham Claims that the Alive in 5 software has the capacity for any would be investors who invested in this software will yield $1,ooo dollars in profits within the next 5 minutes following signup.  One of the Rags to riches story we heard from a beta tester said he was homeless and within 3 months yielded $300,000 in profits within 3 months of following Brandon and the Alivein5 Software movement.


Alive in 5 Scam Review Points

Limited Scarcity Widget: Yes
Fake Testimonials: Yes
Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
Comes Across As Authentic: No
Convincing Proof of Profits: No
Probability of Being a Scam: Yes


Alive in 5 Scam Tactics Reviewed

Alive in 5 is a geo targeted scam that suggests that the alivein5 app is exclusive to where a potential investor resides.  Try changing your VPN and you will immediately understand that the restricted offer will apply to whichever VPN area you chose. Smart intelligent scam tactic.  The investment application also suggests that this alive in 5 software is restricted to 25 individuals.  Reload this and the same production will run over and over again.  Make no mistake this app is a global scam in similar to the Aussie Method another niche market targeted scam that we reviewed previously.

alive in 5

Brandon who claims to be a millionaire and turned poverty stricken individuals lives into a live of luxury is a factious character who is made up.  Try searching any social media website, Google or Linked Inn pages you will find no evidence of him other than that pertaining to this application.  His girlfriend as shown above, beta testers are all fake actors and actresses who have been hired to endorse and sell this software to investors in any way they can.  The use of popups , fake scarcity widgets and giving impressions of guarantees and a risk free software are all buzz words that are classic among blacklisted apps where by the ultimate goal is to entice new and existing traders to signup to the program without performing any due diligence.


Alive in 5 Software Guarantee


It is becoming more evident that this whole system is nothing but a scam.   The whole website lacks any real evidence to prove any thing else to the contrary.  We would recommend on this occasion that any trader who comes across this app to look for alternative offers that are proven and tested by real beta testers and endorsed by reputable authoritative sites that base their reviews on factual information rather than just going along with the scam videos they review.


Trading Horizon verdict: Free Money Guaranteed Software is a SCAM!!

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