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98 Success Review; 98 Success Time bomb Unleashed!!

98 Success App Review. The 98 Success App is the latest binary options trading software to have been launched in the market place.  The 98success.co or 98.4% success app as it sometimes is known as is diploid time bomb that has been triggered to explode on any new any existing traders who embark the journey with this auto trading software.  The consequences  are severe with high probability of loss of investment.  Put it short and sweet this 98 success software is not much of a success story with a happy ending at.  In fact in quite scientific terms and from what we have seen so often in the past the term 98success scam is more fitting for an application of this nature.


Henry De Souza the creator of this trading application suggest that this 98 Success App can be linked to a virus like characteristic, a bug, so to speak.  This bug is an e-bomb that can be found on the super computers that one would find in the mists of the biggest stock exchanges in the globe such as the NYSE and Wall Street.  Henry De Souza a former NYSE employee made redundant for trying to prevent a financial meltdown by alerting his former bosses of this potential threat suffered from an anxiety attack and decided to seek revenge on his former work place.  In medical times this kind of attack is quite common as it is the hormonal adrenaline of a very depressed individual who wants nothing but to be repulsive and cause delusions to the world wide economy.


98 Success app CEO


The 98% Success software or more accurately 98.4% Success App is designed to use this bug that caused much devastations in the 2015 financial meltdown by snooping on the grapevine and copying the big and successful traders for its users own benefit.  Henry De Souza suggests that he created this application the 98 success app and tweaked it for the purposes of the binary options trading.  He is so confident with his creation, he even guarantees that this software is 98.4% accurate by naming the application the 98.4% success app.  We will look to assess this auto trading software as hosted via the 98success.co platform to assess the credibility of such a high accuracy level.  We would encourage any one who might be interested in this software or who is repulsive like Henry to read this review in its entirety before making any investment decision about whether or not this system is for them.


98success or 98.4% Success Scam Points Reviewed

Limited Scarcity Widget:Yes
Fake Testimonials: Yes
Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
Comes Across As Authentic: No
Convincing Proof of Profits: No
Probability of Being a Scam: Yes


98.4% Success App Software Review; Real Evidences

Anger management seemed play an important role in Henry De Souza’s thinking when creating the 98success.co software.  However although we do not really condone a temperamental mindset to a similar level as a volcanic eruption in a financial context, we are not sure this trading app is all it is cracked up to be.  This in part is due to so many anomalies that we have found with the whole movement of the software and the conspirators behind the movement.  The first and foremost anomaly and probably the most distressing of all is the whole sweet and sob story that is quite nicely painted during the video promotion.   Henry during our research is a fiction of imagination, a vacuum that never existed.  Everything he said is dust and soil.  Quite simple the CEO of this 98success system is not the real brains but a paid actor who has been hired to give an oscar winning speech that has been meticulously practised and rehearsed to make it look authentic.


98 Succcess Story


The bank account images , tweeter feeds and beta testimonials as shown in the 98success app video promotion are nothing but a fake.  All the testimonials you see during the presentation are aspiring actors who have seen it all before endorsed many blacklisted scams of old.  Now with this their new project they aim just to do the same again. No real or concrete evidence has been showed during the video which indicate this application is genuine.  Take a look at Clara below from 98success app who is a well known actress that again is performing another role.  Below this image her fiverr profile.




98Success Actor


The so called crash of 2015 didn’t really happen as was the focal point of this 98success app review.  If it did it was not due to the creation of the 98 success software by any means.  In fact the whole thing is one big sham that is yet another scam that has been unleashed into the industry.  It is becoming more evident that this whole system is nothing but a scam.   The whole website lacks any real evidence to prove any thing else to the contrary.  We would recommend on this occasion that any trader who comes across this app to look for alternative offers that are proven and tested by real beta testers and endorsed by reputable authoritative sites that base their reviews on factual information rather than just going along with the scam videos they review.


Trading Horizon verdict: 98.4% Success App is a SCAM!!

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Should you be interested to trade with a broker directly and without the potential risk to lose money with a signals provider like the 98 Success Software, note that you can trade directly using technical analysis.  If you would like to trade with an auto trader that has received positive testimonials , we can recommend Copy Buffett  or the Neo2 Software which are examples of reliable automated software  that has received positive testimonials and receiving good reviews across various authoritative sites and from market traders that have had years of experience trading within the industry.  For a Look At the Neo2 Software Breakthrough App check out the video promo by clicking the banner below.




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